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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now If you're repairing plastic, you'll need a primer that removes any minor sand scratches and conceals any body work (i.e. halos, bulls-eyes, and ring-outs). To accomplish that, look for a primer that's high-filling and sandable. Next, determine the size of the repair: For a small/quarter size spot job, do yourself a favor and use an aerosol If this is a new bumper cover you need to check if it already has primer on it from the factory OEM or aftermarket. If it has primer on it do not use plastic adhesion promotor. Plastic adhesion promotor is for bare untreated plastic only not to be used over primed urethane bumper covers If you want to choose a good primer, you should go for a water-based primer since water doesn't easily get absorbed by the plastic. Popular manufacturers prefer water-based primers as well. So in this step, you need to dampen a rag with an enamel reducer and wipe it on the bumper to see how the primer reacts

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Like plastic trims, side Here is a video on how to paint a car bumper cover. But you can also use this video as a how to paint plastic car parts in general. Like plastic trims, side. As far as priming, I wouldnt use aerosol on anything, it will shrink and look like crap. Get a good 2 part primer, and add flex to it. If you have any repairs to make, be sure to get a flexable parts repair kit to fix the spots, and then add the flex to your paint and you wont have any probems. Aug 12, 2011 # How I prep a plastic bumper cover for paint In this video I show how I clean and sand a plastic bumper cover to prepare it for paint. This method is for a c..

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ABS is a hard plastic no need of flex additive.All you need is a two pack primer for plastic.or a one pack plastic primer.The adishion is in the primer.If they are brand new bumpers,key them up with 600 or 800 ,not to course on plastics.Some of these primers can be wet on wet ask your dealer .Some of there plastic primers do require a two pack primer on top.But like i said the wet on wet ones. If the sliver burns with a black heavy smoke or releases spirals of smoky plastic, it indicates the use of Plastoflex Primer. If the sliver burns clean with no smoke (like that of a candle), it.. Adhesion promoter is necessary because plastic is a petroleum-based product that paint has difficulty sticking to - especially given the fact that plastic bumper covers are flexible. Before you start, make sure that you have a well-lit, well-ventilated, and safe place to work Pre-Primed Parts. The use of plastic parts has increased tremendously in modern vehicles. In some shops, more than 50% of repairs include a bumper cover. Repairing and repainting these parts requires special attention. Plastic parts that come from the manufacturer pre-primed should always be tested before painting 1-24 of 905 results for plastic bumper primer Filter results by your vehicle: Enter a new vehicle to add it to Your Garage and filter the results below. Enter a new vehicle Extreme Online Store Replacement for 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS Models | EOS TL1 Style ABS Plastic Primer Black Front Bumper Lower Spoiler Lip Splitter

All Seasons E-Z Sand Waterborne Primer Surfacer (5 Gallon) All Seasons EZ Sand Waterborne Primer Surfacer. $395.95 Many bumper cover manufacturers are using a water-based primer both because water isn't readily absorbed into the plastic and because dissimilar coatings (solvent over water) act like great barrier.. I have to paint 3 different bumpers this weekend-Volvo front,rear and a jeep front. All three are plastic,polyureathane,whats the best prep and way to paint these? Should I sand and then use some epoxy primer reduced and used as a sealer and then paint?? I have some bullydog adhe. promoter ,should I use some of this first? I also have some Dupont Flex additive if I use this should I use this.

Plastic Bumper Primer Clear (RTS) A-524. Product Description . A-524™ Plastic Bumper Primer Clear (RTS) is designed to provide adhesion to a wide range of plastics used by car manufacturers and is ready to spray. Clear in appearance, A-524 can be directly topcoated. Components. Technical Support: 1-800-776-0933 . Primers. A-524 is ready to. Apply Advanced Plastic Bond Apply a light coat of the SU4903 Advanced Plastic Bond. Use a spray gun for an entire bumper cover. Allow 5 minutes to flash, or wait until the surface has dried to a matte finish. Final Surface Check and Primer Sealer if Needed Check the surface for any scratches, chips or other imperfections Rust-Oleum Adhesion Promoter is a fast drying, clear primer that helps paints adhere to polyolefin surfaces such as automotive plastics, vinyl, trim, bumpers, fiberglass and more. Bonds topcoats to vinyl, plastic, fiberglass and more. Adhesion Promoter features an advanced spray system that allows you to spray at any angle If you wouldn't use adhesion promoter on a metal fender that has primer on it, why would you use it on a plastic bumper that has primer on it? So I certainly see your point. But on bare plastic, as recommended by manufacturers an adhesion promoter is a good idea. But yes, do leave the flex additives at the paint store for someone else

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  1. g steps be sure to thoroughly clean the bumper. I would NOT use the Total Prep in these steps - only the soap and water. Make sure the bumper is COMPLETELY dry before applying the next coat of primer. Here it is again after another 2 coats of primer and some sanding with the 220/400 grit pape
  2. Use slow sweeping motions and overlap as you pass so that the paint coats on the bumper evenly. Primer or adhesion promoter-step 2. Primer or adhesion promoter-step 2. When you spray brush the target vertically or horizontally back and forth to place a thin and smooth mask on the air
  3. Normally, plastic must be abraded through sanding to encourage paint adhesion, or the paint will not bond. Unfortunately, this can make the surface look rough and unattractive. An adhesion promoter is the answer for anyone who wants to paint over plastic without roughing it up first. However, if you use too much, you can make the plastic look.

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Need to retouch, restore, or refinish your ride? Dupli-Color® has you covered from the start with a range of primers to fit any project. Mark will be showcasing when and where to use each of our different Dupli-Color® Primers in two projects Motospray Bumper Primer is a high build, sandable semi flexible primer/filler suitable for use in the repair of most bumpers and plastic parts. Suitable for use under all Motospray finishes on plastic bumper bars, louvers, grilles and trim components att Steele and Dupli-Color are fixing this 2006 Acura's damaged bumper with Dupli-Color Perfect Match and Dupli-Color Filler Primer Halfords Plastic Primer Spray Grey 300ml. The Halfords Plastic Primer Spray Grey provides a strong base coat, helping to reduce runs and distortions in your top coat and providing a smoother finish. The advanced acrylic based formulation of Halfords colour match spray paint is compatible with virtually all types of automotive paint finishes including cellulose Bumper & Cladding Coat™ Adhesion Primer is optimized for adhesion to TPO (TEO, PP blend) plastics. Bumper & Cladding Coat™ Adhesion Primer may be sprayed on TPO plastic surfaces without first sanding or scuffing the surface. B&C Adhesion Primer is not recommended over other substrates such as raw polyurethane (PUR) or OEM painted bumpers

Replacing and painting plastic parts, whether new or repaired, is a common process in the workshop. In some cases, this type of parts such as bumpers, mirrors or exterior mouldings can lack any primer, so a coat of primer will have to be applied to the plastic for the correct adhesion and behaviour of the paint.. You have surely wondered at some point how to apply plastic primer, or when to. Also, most plastic bumpers I do come with primer already on them so I just scotchbrite them with water and scuff it, clean with soap and water, then dry & tack, and then shoot with bulldog. Then comes my base; I shoot 2-3 light, but not dry, coats to get even coverage, and last but not least clear Start by sanding the black primer using the 500-grit sandpaper. When you're done, use the abrasive pad and sand the bumper once again. Make sure you don't miss a spot. Remove dust using the clean cloth. Using a new cloth, wipe the bumper with surface cleaner. If needed, use masking tape to protect any areas you don't want to paint Scratch-filling putty. Step 1. Apply Masking Tape. Apply masking tape to adjacent panels and plastic trim that could be accidentally sprayed by bumper paint. Step 2. Sand Bumper. Wrap a sheet of coarse sandpaper around your scuff pad, and sand the bumper with firm pressure until you have smoothed the scratches out. Step 3 Step 3: Apply a Coat of Primer. Before you apply the paint, it is recommended to apply a coat of primer to help the paint stick of the bumper properly. Apply the primer evenly throughout the bumper and leave it to dry. How long you leave it to dry depends on the primer you got

How to Prepare Plastic Bumpers for Paint Posted: April 9, 2020 By: MattM How to avoid flaking paint on Plastic. Since the 1970's a lot of vehicles started using a lot of plastic in their construction and the use has only grown over the years to the point where a good portion of a vehicle is made up of plastic 53. May 16, 2011. #11. i would work the edges better and take all the shine off the spoiler. (this helps paint stick better and also avoids runs on the edges). spray some high build primer on it (after the plastic primer); you could spray 1-2 coat on the worked areas, then a coat or two on all but really you wont be able to tell as long as the. Step 1: Clean and Prepare Bumper. Your bumper is going to arrive with a black primer already applied, but it tends to be a little bit rough and have some flaws, so you're first going to want to wet sand the whole bumper with 600-grit sandpaper, then wipe down the entire bumper with wax and grease remover Best General Use on Plastic and Single-Coat Coverage. Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover is a highly rated spray paint option for many surfaces, including plastic. (Rust-Oleum American Accents is a similar paint with similar properties, if you're looking for additional color options.)The oil-based formula is made to resist chipping and adhere to a range of surfaces like plastic, wood.

I would not use an self etching primer on plastic as it will sink. (it does on car bumpers anyway). Try and get a plastic primer (available in any autoparts store here). Give a VERY light dusting of this (A standard aerosol can can do 4 or 5 car bumpers easy) and let dry Flexible Primer Surfacer is a time saving coating that provides superior film build and flexibility when refinishing bumper covers and other plastics Plastic Primer. Adheres to most automotive plastics. For use on car interior pieces such as dashboards, consoles, etc. or on exterior pieces such as flexible bumpers, trim, and molding to provide excellent adhesion. Get SDS for 469

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This spray can of plastic paint is meant for use on your bumpers. Each can holds 11 fluid ounces of paint. It comes in black, charcoal grey, and clear. Point the nozzle of the aerosol can and spray the paint on your intended surface. In about 30 minutes, the paint will be dry to the touch. Then after an hour, your piece will be safe to handle You know what they say, I'll just buff out. The rule of thumb is if its just scratches it can be buffed out. But up to what point. There are layers of pain in a car the bottom or the one one that you don't see is the primer, then over that is the. Apply 2 coats of a dual primer and surfacer to the filled plastic. Search online or in an auto repair shop to find a product labeled as a primer-surfacer. Spray over the entire area with the primer, covering both the scratched section and the surrounding sections

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Repco Plastic & Bumper Primer. A quick drying one pack adhesion promoter for plastic car body parts and other non automotive plastic components. Suitable for use on most common plastics including polycarbonate, ABS, polypropylene and acrylic. Not suitable for soft vinyl surfaces. Whether you are trying to fix that car park scratch from an. The plastic parts don't take etch primer because the solvents and acids in the etch can eat into the plastic and ruin it, or the solvents soak into the plastic only to later screw up the paint you put on later. So, instead, the plastic parts all get a special plastic surface preparation The first step in repairing a plastic bumper cover is to understand the extent of the damage. If the scratches and scrapes on the bumper cover are not deep they should be easily removed with Rubbing Compound and/or light sanding.. Try using Rubbing Compound first to remove scratches before you begin sanding.. If you can run your fingernail across the scratch and catch your nail on the scratch. Sep 20, 2006. #5. You can use a universal primer for small areas, but large plastic areas, such as bumpers and side skirts etc, if being painted from bare plastic, need a plastic primer on. But it is advisable to use on all plastics. C R AP SIGNAT U R E Rust-Oleum® Specialty Plastic Primer Spray prepares plastic for painting with any top coat. Apply directly to plastic mailboxes, lawn chairs, storage lockers and more. Adheres to hard-to-paint surfaces. Choose from a variety of top coat color

Color Code is usually found on VIN sticker on Driver Door Always use Adhesion Promoter for plastic bumpers and mirrors. Primer is only for metal surfaces or to fill in deep scratches on plastic after adhesion promoter has been applied Repairing a scratched plastic bumper or trim piece You will need to make sure you get the right color that matches your paint, to do this, find your color code. The most common places for the color code is on the driver or passenger door jam, but it does vary by year make and model, so some looking might be needed

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  1. Urethane bumpers -- or, properly, polyurethane bumpers -- are simply plastic bumpers or bumper covers. Plastic bumpers gained acceptance in the automotive industry because of their ability to protect the frames of automobiles because of the way they're able to undergo pressure and spring back
  2. g repaired areas and
  3. Use mild soap and water for the cleaning process. You can also use a non-abrasive scrub if you want to. Once the bumper is clean, dry it using a microfiber cloth. Step 2: Use a 220 Grit Sanding Block. After cleaning the surface, you should use a 220 grit sanding block and sand the surface a bit

Primer Products. Etching Primer. Flexible Spot Filler & Primer. Paint & Primer Sealer. Plastic Primer. Sandable Primer. Spot Filler & Primer. Zinc Rich Primer As Others have said, you must use the right plastic primer. I always mix some plasticiser in with the top coat and laquer too (if used) (10-15%) as that will crack / peel / craze too if its too hard (plastic bumpers flex, contract and expand alot more than you think) Tim. Polyvance URE3601-1LT.GRAY PRIMER GA. BUMPER/CLADDING. Cladding Adhesion Primer WILL stick to raw TPO and polypropylene. Once the primer is on, your basecoat-clearcoat will stick Painting a plastic bumper. Jan 10 2015, 3:46am. on repainting my grille and I'm just going to use a really fine grit paper and maybe wet sand it so not to gouge the plastic. Then use self etching primer and wet sand it again with some super fine paper then spray it with a couple of coats of paint. Shouldn't be too much different for you 2. Just add adhesion promoter to bare rubber and nothing to primer, base and clear. 3. Use adhesion promoter and flex additive to primer and base, but not clear. 4. Use adhesion promoter first and then flex additive to all remaining coats. As you can see there are several ways of doing this. Also there are several different additives available

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PLASTIC PRIMER GREY. WHERE TO USE. On most rigid, non-porous plastics, including glass reinforced polyester, polyurethanes, unplasticised PVC and most thermosets. This product is ideal for use on plastic bumpers and wheel trims. WHERE NOT TO USE. On flexible plastics. On thermoplastics such as acrylics, polystyrene, polyolefins etc. BENEFITS The Evercoat Super Build 4:1 is a high-build, two-component polyester primer surfacer with the patented 4:1 mix ratio technology. With exceptional filling capabilities, it helps you implement repairs on a host of substrates - rigid plastic, fiberglass, sheet molded composite, bare metal, e coat, aluminum, polyester filler and putties, and SMC. Apply it on properly sanded and cleaned bare. Touch Up Kit for 11 oz. Plastic/Bumper. Kit contains:11oz. Clearcoat, 11oz. Primer, 11 oz. Bulldog Adhesion Promoter, 3 Prep-Wipes Wax & Grease Remover, 3M Combo Sand Paper (2000,1500,1000,600 grits, 4.5x5.5 each), Masking Tape, Premium Tack Cloth, and 2oz. Compound. It also comes with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the paint job Page 8 Prepping Raw Plastic Components Negotiation Tool Version 3.0, January 4, 2016 Four Negotiation Questions 1. Is it required to prep a raw plastic bumper cover prior to paint to restore the vehicle back to pre-accident condition? Answer: Yes, it may be required to perform these tasks in order to return the vehicle to pre-accident condition

Use 1 1/2 or 2 masking tape for small areas like tail lights and reflectors. In the case of painting in an enclosed area mask the entire car with plastic sheeting to prevent overspray. Primer. Use plastic parts adhesion promoter over bare plastic. Spray 2 light coats over lightly scuffed plastic. Shake primer well 1979 El Camino Restoration - Week 3: Under Car - Suspension & Brakes. Dupli-Color Paint Shop Mid-Coat Clear. Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All in 1 How-To (English) Dupli-Color Paint Shop Clear Coat. Dupli-Color 2013 Restoration Series: 1969 International Harvester Scout 800 - Episode 11 - Dupli-Color Bed Armor

Sand the bumper crack - Use sandpaper to flatten the bumper weld. The plastic at this point looks ugly. Start with 120 grid paper, then move to 220, 300 and finish it off with some 500 grid paper. Paint the bumper - Use an automotive primer to spray paint the bumper. You don't need to spray the whole bumper if you don't want, especially if you. Yes, it can be applied to metal, rubber, fiberglass, plastic and primer. Bulldog® seals Bondo-repaired areas and other automotive surfaces. Q. Is it necessary to prep the part before A. We recommend the use of Bulldog® Abrasive Bumper Cleaner and scuff pad spraying with Bulldog® BFT? before the application of Bulldog® BFT. However, some. If you use a wet system, rather than powder coat I'd suggest you start with a good etch primer (sometimes called a wash primer) to key to the surface, followed by a normal primer. Simply so, how do you paint plastic chrome trim? Metal Chrome Trim. Remove the trim from the car if possible Bumper Cover, Front, ABS Plastic, Black, Primer, Jeep, Each Partslink # CH1000935 OE # 68021303AB. Part Number: SHI-036-87-2Q Not Yet Reviewe Clean the plastic with a Polyvance plastic cleaner. Spray a heavy wet coat; wait about 20 seconds for the solvents to disolve or emulsify any contaminants, then wipe with a clean paper towel. Apply 2 heavy coats of Plastic Magic. Be sure to allow first coat to flash off before applying the second coat

With the increasing use of plastics in automotive engineering, plastic repairs gains more and more importance. Instead of replacing e.g. the full bumper plastic repair allows to reduce material costs and helps recycling. For a more sustainable repair Trim & Bumper Paint is formulated to match the look of standard black plastic automotive components. Adheres to almost any surface in the car for added versatility and use as needed. Use it on anything from a metal rim, moldings, rearview mirror covers, bumpers or rub strips for a beautiful finish every time For the next part of the task, you'll want a clean bumper surface. Step 6: Prime That Surface . Once your putty has dried you will want to use a surface primer/undercoat spray on the area. A primer is super important as it ensures adhesion of the paint and prolongs the paint's durability. It also provides better protection to your bumper

You use a -- wait for it -- plastics primer. Just tell the man what you're doing and he'll sort you out. Compatability might be an issue with the 2K, but I doubt it, test it on top of the plastic primer. But you must use the plastics primer or -- especially on flexi plastic as in bumpers, etc. it'll craze like mad and fall off • Apply primer and topcoats per paint manufacturer's recommendations. Note: Toyota recommends the use of adhesion promoter and elastifier for all OE raw plastic bumpers to ensure adhesion, flexibility, and long-term durability of topcoats; and the use of refinish materials that meet or exceed the Toyota ne The formula is designed to avoid the need for a plastic paint primer or sanding, so there is no wasted time or money spent on prepping the item. It comes in a wide range of colors and finishes, too. Users returned to this product (and brand) time and time again for its reliability, long-lasting finish, and ease of use The first step to painting plastic parts is to properly clean your plastic. I prefer lacquer thinner. REMEMBER: there us a difference between 'paint thinner and 'lacquer thinner'. You want to use lacquer thinner. Next, pick some cans of SEM bumper coater

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Rust-Oleum® Specialty Plastic Primer prepares plastic for painting with any top coat. Apply directly to plastic mailboxes, lawn chairs, storage lockers and more. Adheres to hard-to-paint surfaces. Adheres to hard-to-paint surface That's why they've introduced a Bondo Bumper Repair Kit just for you. You can't use ordinary body filler to repair scratches or dents on a flexible plastic bumper—it won't hold or will hold for a while and then pop off. You need a 2-part epoxy filler to do the job. That's where the 3M Bondo Bumper Repair Kit comes in Most auto body primer types come available as two-part, which means a primer base and an activator need to be mixed before use. Simply follow the included instructions, and alter as necessary. Others, like urethane primer, can require up to 4-parts mix ratio, but easy-to-follow instructions are provided

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Step 6 - Coating Primer. Spray a thick coat of primer over the front face of the bumper. Use a flexible bumper primer. This will ensure proper adhesion of the paint on the surface. Allow the primer to dry completely for about 45 minutes. Step 7 - Painting the Bumper. Paint the bumper using a sprayer with a thin coat of paint of the final color. A number of companies, including Duplicolor and Painter's Pride, make flexible paint specifically for use on polyurethane bumper covers. Depending on the depth of scratching, you may need to spray the bumper with a coat of plastic-specific primer Full Product Name Plastic Primer Type of Product 1K primer for bumper bars Description Concept Plastic Primer is a general, easy to apply primer, formulated and characterised by excellent adhesion to most commonly used plastic surfaces as a sound foundation for topcoats. It is suitable for use Prime the car plastic bumper with spray primer. First apply a thin layer of the primer. Allow the primer to stand for about two minutes. Apply a thicker layer of the primer until the areas exposed due to sanding have been completely covered. Sand the primer with light pressure using fine sandpaper. Sand until the primer feels smooth

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