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Spray infested tomato plants with insecticidal soap, concentrating the spray on the underside of the leaves where whiteflies congregate and breed. Repeat the application every three days until no.. Whitefly epidemic on our tomato plant Here are some ways you can get rid of your whitefly infestation: Yellow Sticky fly paper A spray free solution, you can pick this up from your local Bunnings but basically it's a yellow sheet of sticky paper and the little flies stick to it Make a homemade insecticide to treat whiteflies on plants. Mix 1 tbsp. of liquid soap into a mixture of 2 parts rubbing alcohol and 5 parts water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it to the leaves of plants to both kill and prevent whiteflies Whitefly Insecticide Recipe You can mix up a simple recipe for an insecticide spray for whiteflies right in your kitchen. First, make a base mixture with 1 tablespoon of regular dish soap (not one.. If found, use the Bug Blaster to hose off plants with a strong stream of water and reduce pest numbers. Natural predators of this pest include ladybugs and lacewing larvae, which feed on their eggs and the whitefly parasite which destroys nymphs and pupae. For best results, make releases when pest levels are low to medium

The best time to spray for tomato pests is in the morning, when bugs are still relatively sluggish and easy to spot. Coat the entire plant with the solution, and concentrate on the undersides of leaves or areas with heavy infestations Just be careful not to let it suck the leaves off your plants. A good home remedy for whiteflies on plants is a homemade garlic spray. Garlic can be a particularly pungent aroma, so I don't recommend this for use inside the house! Even in a greenhouse, the scent builds up Another fantastic DIY tomato bug spray for plants in the nightshade family is mineral oil, eliminating a wide array of harmful pests, like aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, and mealybugs. When using mineral oil to repel insects, know that it must be sprayed directly on the bugs to kill them Garlic Garlic is among the home remedies to get rid of whiteflies. This is a food with lots of benefits for the human body and for the health of plants. We recommend crushing the garlic cloves, mixing them with water and applying this to the plants A very similar homemade pesticide to the oil spray is a soap spray, which is also effective for controlling mites, aphids, whiteflies, beetles, and other hungry little insects

Imidicloprid is a product that has come out recently, has proven to be very effective on whiteflies, and is low in toxicity. It is mixed with water and used as a drench on the base of the plants (use when your plant is rather thirsty) and the roots absorbs it up into the plant. It only has to be used annually Garlic Spray Garlic is yet another effective home remedy against tiny white bugs on tomato plants and other crops. Crush about four garlic cloves into a tablespoon of mineral oil and leave it to stand for a while. Next, strain and add about a pint of water to the solution Whitefly Insecticide Recipe You can mix up a simple recipe for an insecticide spray for whiteflies right in your kitchen. First, make a base mixture with 1 tablespoon of regular dish soap (not one with added bleach or an antibacterial soap) and 1 cup of vegetable oil. Pour it into a bottle that can be sealed, and shake well to mix Many different pests can wreak havoc on your tomato garden. The tomato fruitworm is a particularly destructive one and feeds on the fruit and leaves of a tomato plant. Also be mindful of potato aphids, leaf-footed bugs, stink bugs, hornworms, silverleaf whiteflies and two-spotted spider mites as they can harm your tomato plants too

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This disease is extremely damaging to fruit yield in both tomato and pepper crops. Whiteflies may bring the disease into the garden from infected weeds nearby, such as various nightshades and jimsonweed. After infection, tomato plants may be symptomless for as long as 2 to 3 weeks Although adult whiteflies are typically found near the tops of plants, the eggs and nymphs live on the underside of your plants' leaves. Nymphs look like flat, white ovals and somewhat resemble scale in appearance. The life cycle of whiteflies lasts about two or three months from egg to natural death. Eggs are laid on the undersides of leaves

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Whiteflies have an insatiable hunger for plant sap and will suck as much of it as they can from the host plant. Young host plants will not be able to meet these demands and don't stand much of a chance to survive; adult plants which loose vital sap are more prone to disease, heat stress and less likely to rebound from any environmental shock Here are two natural home remedies you can use on your garden tomato plants to manage diseases like 'Leaf Spot' and 'Early Blight'. I show you how to use 3%. Make use of plants that repel whiteflies. Nowadays, gardeners have known the benefits of growing marigolds as a companion plant to crops such as tomatoes for whitefly control. The flowers of a marigold plant release a chemical called limonene, mostly found in household air fresheners, which repels and slows down the whiteflies Whitefly harm. The whitefly, which damages tomato crops, feeds on the liquid contained in tomato leaves. Adults and larvae attached to the leaves drink the juice of tomato leaves and disrupt metabolic processes and the normal balance of nutrients in the plant. As a result of the lack of malnutrition, the crop is spoiled, tomatoes are dying Remedies for whitefly on tomatoes insecticidal composition diluted according to the attached instructions. The resulting solution is used for spraying infected plants. It is necessary not only to know how to process the tomatoes, but also to choose the right drug

If whiteflies are found on tomatoes, the following can be observed: spots of white, yellowish and black color on leaves and fruits; withering and twisting of foliage; if you shake the plant or look under the leaf, you can find a flock of small white-winged midges; poor ripening of fruits; when the tomato is cut, white veins are visible inside The best natural remedies to kill blight in tomatoes are baking soda and copper fungicide. To make a baking soda solution, start by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 drops of dish soap, and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a gallon of water. On the other hand, copper fungicide can be bought at most nurseries or online In order to exterminate the whitefly that has settled on greenhouse tomatoes, it is necessary to rinse the leaf plates with a soap solution with particular care (pay special attention to the seamy surface of the leaves).Wash the soap off the plants after 60 minutes. Thanks to this procedure, tomatoes will be able to breathe easier Controlling Whiteflies in your Garden. All whiteflies suffer from an identity crisis, as they are not true flies at all. Their appearance resembles tiny, pure white moths but they are in fact, closely related to sap-sucking aphids. Aphid-cast skins can easily be mistaken for whitefly, but whitefly will quickly flutter up and fly away when disturbed

Tomato plants ( Solanum lycopersicum ) are easy to grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8 provided that you use the right homemade fungicide for tomatoes to keep them healthy.There's nothing better than grabbing a ripe one from the vine and serving it in your kitchen How insecticidal soap works on plant pests. Insecticidal soaps exploit the fatty acids in soap to suffocate small, soft-bodied insects and arthropods such as aphids, mealybugs, thrips, whiteflies, spider mites, leaf hoppers, earwigs, and immature scales (crawlers).. Upon contact, the fatty acids disrupt the permeability and structure of the insects' cell membranes, dissolving their.

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Aphids are very commonly encountered when growing tomatoes. These tiny pests are found worldwide, sucking sap from the leaves of your tomato plants and multiplying very quickly. Their piercing bites can transmit viral disease, and a severe infestation can cause curling, yellow leaves and a loss of production of tomatoes. Aphids don't just parasitize tomatoes,. Vinegar is one another effective home remedy for whiteflies on your plants. You can buy pure vinegar. Dilute it in equal parts water and spray it on your houseplants to kill whiteflies. You can adjust the concentration by using more or less of each part of the flies that aren't being killed or if the plant is burned It is the easiest Home remedy to control whitefly naturally. The furniture cleaning hose can be the apt tool that you can use for evacuating these whiteflies. You can use the high-pressure air coming out of the vacuum cleaner nozzles to shove off these which stands as an effective remedy of Controlling whitefly infesting the undersides of plant. I had a few white flies on my tomato plants maybe in their tens, I sprayed them with a home made herbal tea for a couple weeks, it seemed to work. I would check the plants the next day and only find a few of these pests. I brought neem eco oil as I heard so much about it To get rid of whiteflies on tomato plants, the following methods can be used. Organic methods - introduction of creatures, such as spiders, hoverfly, ladybirds and lacewing larvae can help eliminate whiteflies. These creatures feed on whiteflies, which aids in controlling their population. Use of wasps, such as Encarsia formosa and Eretmoceruus.

4. Isolate new or infected plants. If a plant is severely infested, transfer it to a separate room or an outdoor area distant from other plants. Isolate all newly acquired plants for several days before introducing them to a location with other plants, and inspect the undersides of the leaves for whiteflies Whiteflies will damage your tomato plant in a couple of ways. By sucking on the phloem, they will divert the nutrients from your tomato plant, which will quickly become weak and may be unable to.

Inspect the undersides of old and new leaves weekly for all whitefly stages. The more plants you inspect, the more likely you will be to detect problems sooner, when management is easier. Record the number of whiteflies per plant or the percentage of plants infested. This information is critical in deciding whether or not treatment is necessary These plants need good drainage and consistent watering. Consider using a soaker hose on a hose timer, or hand water deeply rather than sprinkling water from the top of the plant. Tomato plants are susceptible to fungal infections and it is important for the leaves to stay as dry as possible Keep the tomato plant consistently watered, which reduces the incidence of these mites, and avoid nitrogen fertilizer. Use predator mites to aid in controlling the pest mites. Wash the plant with mild soap and rinse well to remove some of the mites and prune out heavily infested areas. Whiteflies. Whiteflies primarily affect greenhouse or. Q: For the past two years I have fought either spider mites or whiteflies on my tomato plants. I have tried home remedies and everything the nursery has recommended, including neem oil 1 a basic guide of plant pests and diseases. 1.1 Aphid. 1.2 Whitefly Plant pests and diseases. 1.3 Red spider. 1.4 Thrips plant pests and diseases. 1.5 Nematodes. 1.6 Olive mold plant pests and diseases. 1.7 Rust. 1.8 Soft rot plant pests and diseases

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Whitefly in a greenhouse: how to get rid of tomatoes, cucumbers, indoor plants, remedies. Plant pests . Whiteflies (lat.Aleyrodidae), or aleurodides Is a family of small, homoptera insects, numbering more than 1,500 species. The scientific name of the family comes from the Greek word meaning flour in translation, and this is due to the powdery. Whiteflies will leave if you plant something they're not attracted to in the place of your pepper plants. Every 2-3 years, rotate your crops, and plant something else in place of the peppers. This will stop any whiteflies in the area, eggs in the soil, or greenflies from infesting your pepper crop repeatedly To use potassium soap to eliminate aphids on plants , you just need to follow these instructions: Buy or make your own potassium or potash soap. Prepare the soap in water solution, using only between 1% and 2% of this product for the amount of water you use. Mix the product and water well in the spray bottle and you are ready to use it

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The tomato leaf curl virus could be caused by environmental, biological, or chemical factors. But on most occasions, the virus is spread by whiteflies that are attracted to the underside of leaves since it's a habitable spot for laying eggs. Whiteflies are soft-bodied pests with the potential to cause the same damage as aphids 13. Tomato Leaf The leaves of tomatoes can be a great way to get rid of pests. Tomato plant leaves contain compounds that are toxic to aphids and other insects. When the leaves are crushed, these compounds are released. Chop up 2 cups of tomato leaves and mix into 1 quart of water, then leave overnight Turn over a leaf and you'll see 2mm long white flies. With a life cycle of just three weeks, whitefly breed very fast. Both adults and offspring are sap feeders and a severe attack will weaken a plant. They excrete the sticky excess, called honeydew, onto lower leaves where it encourages black sooty mould to grow Whiteflies tap into the phloem of plants which introduces toxic saliva and decreases a plant's ability to transport water and nutrients throughout its body. Susceptible plants can quickly be overwhelmed during an infestation or heavy infestation. Infected plants typically exhibit yellow leaves and stunted plant growth Basil is a great companion for tomato plants because it helps to repel some pesky insects, including aphids, whiteflies, and the tomato hornworm, but is also known for enhancing tomato taste. So, add a few basil plants around the garden: you'll love adding a few leaves to your tomato sandwiches too! Learn more about growing basil. 2. Parsle

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Pour tomato water into a spray bottle and spray on your vegetable plants to eliminate bug problems of all kinds. 16 Do-It-Yourself Bug Spray Recipes for Plants Oil spray insecticide: Oil spray homemade insecticides made from vegetable oil with mild soap and this is the best natural ways to keep bugs out of the garden and this mixer will be. Control Remedies That Really Work 9 Natural Remedies for Pest Control Coffee Grounds. Those coffee grounds are good for more than just a cup of coffee. Try using your leftover coffee grounds... Banana. Are aphids taking over your garden? Just place a banana peel under the soil near the stems of your plants. Apple Page 5/2 Garden pest feeds on plant sap. But the main danger to plantations is precisely the feces of whiteflies. They contain spores of sooty fungi. The foliage is first covered with a sticky white coating, then this place turns black. Signs of tomato whitefly infection: The appearance of whitish and black spots on the leaves. Glitter on the leaves

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  1. A whitefly that damages tomato harvests is fed by the liquid contained in the tomato leaves. Adults and larvae attached to the leaves drink the juice of tomato leaves and upset the metabolic processes and the normal balance of nutrients in the plant. As a result of a deficient malnutrition, the crop deteriorates, the tomatoes die
  2. Broad mite populations come and go rapidly depending on food, weather, and light. Infestations are often sporadic and fluctuate from year to year. Broad mites may infest your tomato plants via transplants from greenhouses or the legs and antennae of whiteflies. Before treating the plants, make sure that broad mites are the problem
  3. This is because the higher resistant plant will be a barrier between the two low resistant Tomato plants. Other Reasons for White Spots on Tomato Leaves Although powdery mildew is the number one reason for white spots on Tomato plants, there are still other reasons behind it
  4. Whiteflies are among the most common pests that attack indoor plants. These annoying little insects can affect a wide variety of ornamental plants, but they can also attack certain greenhouse-grown vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, plants from the cabbage family, or sweet potatoes
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  6. The answer is to quarantine new plants or those that have been outdoors for extended periods. Keep the plants in their own room for at least 17 days (a full life cycle), and inspect the plant carefully for the presence of adult gnats. Once the plant has the all-clear, you can bring move it in with your other plants
  7. Homemade Garden Remedies: 5 Natural Solutions for Healthier Soil and Plants Kier Holmes April 14, 2020 Whether you want to save money or be more environmentally friendly (or just love being crafty), you can avoid harsh chemicals in the garden by using homemade remedies to fertilize, kill weeds, cure plant ailments, and improve soil

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Holes in tomato plant leaves are a matter of concern. If it is not treated properly, it may bring disaster to your entire tomato garden. Sounds sad? But it's true. There are several reasons behind the small and tiny holes in tomato plant leaves. These include poor growing situations, environmental problems, insects, and pests. Also, [ 4. Tomato Leaf Pesticide. This is an effective homemade pesticide, especially if you grow multiple tomato plants, as I do. Save the leaves as you pinch out the laterals of the tomato plant. It really doesn't get simpler than that. Ingredients. 2 cups of tomato leaves chopped; Water to cover; Method. Chop the tomato leaves and place them in a.

Avoid mulching around tomato plants using grass clippings and watering your plants regularly to recover minor herbicide exposure. There was no effective solution for a viral attack of leaves rolling. The best way to protect the virus transmitter (white flies) through biological control using garden-friendly bugs such as big-eyed bugs, lacewing. There are various methods for controlling whiteflies on tomatoes in a greenhouse. Chemical method. The use of chemicals. Remedies for whiteflies on insecticidal tomatoes are bred according to the attached instructions.The resulting solution is used to spray infected plants Q: For the past two years I have been fighting my spider mites or whiteflies Tomato plant.. I tried home remedies and everything the nursery recommends, including neem oil. They must be sprayed or treated in some way each week and eventually succumb to these terrible pests. Can you suggest something that really prevents them Dish Soap like Sunlight or Dawn is a regular addition to home pest control remedies for the garden. (back porch.) They are very beautiful and healthy - except for the whiteflies. I put just a few drops of hand soap in a spray container and filled with water, and sprayed my avocado trees. years my brother has routinely used a squirt of.

The first symptoms of whitefly on plants are yellow spots or speckles on the leaves, which eventually dry up.If the attack persists, it weakens the plant and can slow down its growth and the development of leaves and fruits.. Like aphids, whiteflies secrete honeydew.This is another of the symptoms of the whitefly infestation.The presence of this sticky sugary substance on the leaves causes. The whitefly in a greenhouse leads to the death and spoilage of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons and gourds, lettuce, and cabbage on open ground and even indoor flowers. White fly Adult greenhouses appear in greenhouses and settle on the inner side of the leaves of plants How to get rid of leaf curl on tomato plants. Use a shade cloth this will protect tomato plants from intense sunlight and can reduce their temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Insufficiently Sized Container Look to re-locate to larger sized 1to 2 square feet. There arent any remedies for leaf curl in tomato plants due to viruses Whiteflies resemble tiny white moths when in flight. Bumping a tomato plant where they are feeding sends a cloud of these tiny pests into the air. Whitefly damage can cause leaves to yellow and curl, much like in aphid damage. Although they produce honeydew, ants do not farm these quick-moving insects

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  1. Bacillus thuringiensis products are highly susceptible to degradation by sunlight, so the best time to spray your garden is early morning or evening. Most of these products adhere to the foliage for less than a week following application and the period shortens with rain or overhead watering. Bt pest control products have a shorter shelf life.
  2. Botanical & Biological Controls For Whiteflies. Whiteflies (whitefly or white fly) are common pests of indoor crops, greenhouses and tomatoes. Seasonal pests in most outdoor areas, whiteflies can be found year-round in southern states or enclosed growing areas (greenhouses, hoop houses, grow tents)
  3. Tomato plants can suffer from insect infestations, including flea beetles, tomato hornworms and other leaf-chewing insects, aphids, whitefly and mites, as well as fungal diseases, such as early blight and powdery mildew. When growing tomatoes, you also have to battle common garden problems with weeds and pesky slugs. Make your own inexpensive organic pesticides t
  4. Yellow Leaves on Tomato Plants - Not Always a Cause of Worry. If you observe any plant, eventually you'll see the older leaves wilt and die. Similarly, your tomato plant will also have yellow leaves at the bottom. This is a normal stage of the growth cycle. Also it could indicate a lack of sunshine due to shading by the higher leaves
  5. This spray of water and Baking soda will change the pH of the leaf from around 7.0 to around 8.0, this change is enough to kill, and prevent all blight spores! Step 1: Mix 3 tablespoons baking soda with 1 gallon of water.This is the baking soda we use: Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda. Step 2: Mix in 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, or cooking oil of.
  6. Remedies for Protecting Tomato Leaves from Turning Yellow. Although we've highlighted a few tips you could work with to prevent the leaves of your tomato plants from turning yellow, it's best if we shed more light on solid steps you can take to keep this from happening

The range of the tomato hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata), however, extends only from southern Canada through the Southern United States. Hornworms feed primarily on solanaceous plants (those in the potato family). They include tobacco, tomato, eggplant, pepper, and some weedy plants. Tobacco and tomato plants are preferred How to Keep Bugs Off a Tomato Plant. To prevent pests from devouring your tomatoes, look for chewed-up leaves, stems, or fruit. The best general prevention method is spraying leaves with properly diluted soapy water. Mix one or two tablespoons of mild dish soap with a gallon of water, and spray leaves once a week and after it rains Pour in a spray bottle and sprinkle on plants and also the base of plants. You can reapply every week. 4. Onion and garlic spray: the strong smell from garlic and onion will deter pests from attacking your vegetables. Just take one medium-sized onion and one clove of garlic and add some water to them The finding that even plants respond to homeopathic remedies is fairly new and has become more widespread over the past few years. In her book entitled Homeopathy for Plants - A practical guide for indoor, balcony and garden plants with tips on dosage, use and choice of potency, Naturopath Christiane Maute describes how she discovered. Mostly used to attract and kill whitefly and aphids. Coat yellow boards or strips of something weatherproof with oil or paste/glue, or double-sided sticky tape, and hang or tack nearby to plants. The bright yellow attracts these insects and they then get stuck on the sticky surface. Molasses. This is a mild insecticide and it also acts as a.

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  1. Controlling Whitefly. Whitefly are prolific breeders with a short lifecycle. Eradication of heavy infestations can be a challenge, but employing a combination of control methods to reduce numbers in the short term will lessen plant damage. Yellow Sticky traps - Whitefly are attracted to the colour yellow so by hanging yellow sticky traps near.
  2. Move the tomato plant if it is anywhere near a walnut tree, as the walnut tree emits a toxin called juglone, which enters the soil and can affect surrounding plants. Fertilize the soil before planting tomatoes and again when it starts to set fruit. This information does not apply to tomato plants that are wilting due to bacterial wilt. You.
  3. The whitefly also causes damages by sucking the phloem (think of the bloodstream of a plant) and diverting nutrition away from the plant. Thankfully, whiteflies do not like the aroma of basil. And by planting basil on the windward side of your tomatoes, you should see a reduction in the number of whiteflies visiting your garden this year
  4. Spray this solution on the foliage of tomato plants until the fungal disease disappears. Home Remedy Spray for Tomato Plants By Carrie Terry ; Updated September 21, 2019 Tomatoes grow long, thriving vines in summertime and bloom repeatedly through the season to provide gardeners with a long and hearty harvest
  5. t leaves and garlic cloves and blend them in a food processor, then add a bit of cayenne pepper and a drop of dishwashing liquid. Bring the whole concoction to a boil and let sit overnight
  6. Gently brush up against plants and watch to see if whiteflies scatter. Also, look under leaves for adults, nymphs, and eggs which look like tiny white specs. Check for honeydew and ants as well. Treatment Methods. There are several natural remedies to help you combat whiteflies. You will need to use a combination of these methods

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  1. From the article you will learn about the remedies for whitefly on indoor plants. You will find a list and description of the drugs: Teppeki, Tanrek, Aplaud, Fitoverm, Aktar and others. Read how to prepare them and properly process the flowers with them
  2. Remedies. Several home remedies exist to rid the garden of whiteflies. Cayenne pepper, Tabasco, jalapeno juice and garlic extract can all be diluted with water and sprayed onto plants to keep whiteflies away. Rubbing alcohol, 1/2 teaspoon of soap and water can also create a natural whitefly repellent
  3. Basil is well-known as a natural deterrent for everything from tomato hornworms to white flies, aphids and more. When planted near tomatoes - it can help to keep those nasty critters away
  4. From fresh peppers, puree ½ cup of peppers in a cup of water, add a quart of water and bring to a boil. Let the mixture cool, strain out the peppers and add a few drops of soap to the liquid. Your homemade spray is safe to spray directly on your plants. Use chili as an insect repellent

Squash Bugs. Squash Vine Borers. Thrips. Whiteflies. If your zucchini plants are suffering from pest damage, it's likely to be caused by one (or more!) of the following: 1. Aphids. Aphids are one of the most common garden pests out there, and zucchini plants aren't immune to these sap-sucking pests Plant tomatoes or wormwood (a herb) among brassicas. These help to repel white butterflies. Plant cabbages with cauliflowers and broccoli - butterflies will prefer the cabbages. Repel butterflies with garlic spray. Whitefly. Whitefly often damage greenhouse crops. Put fine mesh screens over vents and doors to stop insects getting in Garlic, Peppers & Onion Insecticide. Toss in the food processor and add 1/4 cup water, blend until a mash is made. Cover mash with 1 gallon hot (not boiling) water and let stand 24 hours. Strain. Spritz on roses, azaleas, vegetables to kill bug infestations. Bury mash in ground where bugs are heaviest Plant tomatoes in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight a day, preferably more, and rich garden soil. Prepare soil by tilling or spading in composted organic matter and fertilizer such as 10-10-10. Whether you started it from seed or purchased at a garden center, plant tomato transplants in spring after all danger of frost has passed

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Untimely treatment is fraught with the extinction of the vital activity of the plant and even its death. Before proceeding with the removal of whiteflies, you need to figure out the better to process the bush. With the help of folk remedies. The first thing gardeners resort to when they discover such a misfortune is the use of folk remedies 2 Rules for the use of natural insecticide for indoor plants. 3 best natural insecticide for indoor plants. 3.1 Essential oils for indoor plants. 3.2 Soap solution is one of the simplest and most effective remedies. 3.3 Rubbing alcohol. 3.4 Healing herbs and other plant aids BASIL - Repels flies, mosquitoes, the carrot fly, asparagus beetles, and whiteflies. Plant it with your tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and spinach for healthy, tasty veg. BORAGE - This herb helps to sweeten your tomatoes and strawberries and repels tomato hornworm and cabbage worms. CATNIP - Repels just about everything except cats


It is never a good idea to give a tomato plant fertilizer, or plant food, too early on. This could cause problems later on. To neutralize having too much nitrogen, bonemeal, and/or soft wood mulches like pine bark, will help bring the amount down. Not Enough Sun. As for sunlight, a tomato plant should have up to 8 hours a day of sunlight Pour tomato water into a spray bottle and spray on your vegetable plants to eliminate bug problems of all kinds. 16 Do-It-Yourself Bug Spray Recipes for Plants Oil spray insecticide: Oil spray homemade insecticides made from vegetable oil with mild soap and this is the best natural ways to keep bugs out of the garden and this mixer will be.