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The Hindoo Patriot was first published on 6 January 1853 by Madhusudan Ray, under the editorship of Girish Chandra Ghosh. It began to be published every Thursday from Kalakar Street where Madhusudan Ray's press was located. In 1854, it was printed for some time from Cossitollah. Harish Chandra Mukherjee, the promising correspondent of Bengal. Hindu Patriot: 1853, Calcutta: Girishchandra Ghosh Bengalee . 1862, Calcutta: Girishchandra Ghosh (Taken over by S.N. Banerjea in 1879) Amrit Bazar Patrika: 1868, Jessore District: Sisirkumar Ghosh and Motilal Ghosh Bangadarshana (In Begali) 1873, Calcutta: Bankimchandra Chatterji Indian Statesma Q. Who was the editor of the newspaper Hindoo Patriot? Answer: [B] Girish Chandra Ghosh Notes: Girish Chandra Ghosh was the editor of an English weekly published newspaper \Hindoo Patriot\ in 1853. It was a nationalist publication known for its active role in exposing the oppression of indigo planters in Bengal We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

The newspapers and journals published during the independence era are specific areas from where UPSC picks out the question. This is an area to focus on UPSC IAS Prelims. Here we have compiled a complete list of N ewspapers during the freedom struggle and important journals with their founders March 11, 2021. March 11, 2021 by Dr. Gaurav J. Sontake. Q.274) To what extent was the emergence of the Congress in 1885 the culmination of a process of political awakening that had its beginning in the 1870s? (10mark) (150words) On Monday, 28 December 1885 seventy-two persons met in the hall of Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College in Bombay • Support by the intelligentsia like Harish Chandra Mukherji, editor of Hindoo Patriot. • Complete Hindu-Muslim unity existed. • The same story was repeated in 1867-68 in Champaran (Bihar). Deccan Riots (1874-75  Introduction: Revered as a Bengali icon, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a Bengali Sanskrit pundit, educator, social reformer, writer and philanthropist. He was one of the greatest intellectuals and activists of the 19th century. Born on 26th September, 1820 to a Kulin Brahmin family at Birsingha in the Midnapore District in Undivided Bengal Vidyasagar brought Continue reading RSTV: IN.

2. The Indian elites in the 19th century argued for and launched a movement to reform Hinduism from within in the light of post- Enlightenment rationalism. This phenomenon is referred as 'Bengal Renaissance' or 'Nineteenth Century Indian Renaissance'. Who were the main proponents of this movement and what did they . . . Read mor In 2014, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj hailed him as a patriot, though he apologised later. Appearing on TV, Acharya Madan, a senior functionary of Hindu Mahasabha, had argued that while Gandhi was responsible for the death of 10 lakh Hindus — the victims of Partition, a catastrophe he attributed to the Mahatma — Godse had killed for a. India's best website and mobile app for competitive exam preparation of UPSC, MPSC, SSC, SBI, RBI, IBPS, NDA, CDS, GRE, GMAT, CAT, CET, NMAT, UGC NET, CBSE Teacher eligibility test, TGT, PGT. Best self study portal recommended by toppers and students which has free test series, current affairs, NCERT books and video tutorials from best teachers. Notes are available in hindi and marathi. Hindu Patriot: Girish Chandra Ghosh (later Harish Chandra Mukherji) Som Prakash: Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar: Yugantar: Bhupendranath Datta and Barinder Kumar Ghosh: (UPSC PORTAL) is not associated with Union Public Service Commission, For UPSC official website visit - www.upsc.gov.i

Peasant revolts in the 20s. Kisan Movement, UP (1920s) Eka Movement (1920s) Second Moplah Uprising (1921) Bardoli Satyagraha (1928) Peasant Revolts in the 40s. Tebhaga, Bengal, 1946. Telangana, Hyderabad State (46-51) Varli, Bombay Province Nationalist Movement (1858-1905) The second half of the 19 th century witnessed the full flowering of the national political consciousness and the growth of an organized national movement in India. In December 1885, the Indian National Congress was established under whose leadership, Indians waged a prolonged and courageous struggle for. Since 1765 (following the Battle of Buxar) the province of Bengal, which included present-day West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Bangladesh and Assam was under the British.; It was a very large area and the population rose to almost 80 million by the first few years of the 20 th century. Calcutta was the capital of the province and also of British India

Hindu Patriot. 1853, Calcutta. Girishchandra Ghosh. Somprakasha. 1858, Calcutta. Dwarkanath Vidyabhushan. Indian Mirror. 1862, Calcutta. Devendranath Tagore and NN Sen. Bengalee (this and Amrita Bazar Patrika- the first vernacular papers) 1862, Calcutta. Girishchandra Ghosh (taken over by SN Banerjea in 1879) National Paper. 1865, Calcutta. Nationalist Movement (1858-1905) | IAS Abhiyan. The second half of the 19th century witnessed the full flowering of the national political consciousness and the growth of an organized national movement in India. In December 1885, the Indian National Congress was established under whose leadership, Indians waged a prolonged and courageous.

SYNOPSIS [18th JANUARY,2021] Day 7: IASbaba's TLP (Phase 1): UPSC Mains Answer Writing (General Studies) 1. With the help of suitable examples, comment upon the characteristics of tribal movements during British rule in India. sarbashubhankarr Patrika and Hindu patriot to bring social and educational reforms with regards to the women. Hindu Patriot. A self-taught person he attained proficiency in history, politics, law and English. He severely criticised the government in such newspapers as Hindu Intelligencer edited by Kashiprasad Ghosh and The Bengal Recorder edited by Ramgopal Ghosh. He was associated with the Hindu Patriot right form its start in 1853. In 1855, he. SAVARKAR'S BIRTH ANNIVERSARY TODAY ALL THE LEADERS PAY TRIBUTES TO VIR SAVARKAR . ALL INFORMATION ABOUT HIS LIFE IN A BRIEF. TODAY is the birth anniversary of freedom fighter revolutionary Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, today the prime minister of India Narendra Modi said that our massage he salutes Vir Savarkar . a great fighter and ardent nationalist of the freedom struggle, on his birth.

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Prelims in Focus, an IAS Abhiyan Initiative to quickly navigate through the important facts, current affairs, static portion to enrich aspirant's knowledge base along with conceptual clarity.Our Prelims in Focus initiative will surely be an added advantage for UPSC Prelims Examinations. This initiative will help the aspirants to focus to the main points of a topic quickly at the same time Pabna Revolt - An agrarian Revolt (1873-76) Anti-moneylender riots were also in Bengal (except in tribal pockets), for here too the mahajan was often the local rich peasant or jotedar whose credit in any case was quite indispensable for production. The zamindar in contrast had virtually no productive role, and claims to high landlordism. Factors leading to the birth of Indian Nationalism. The British exploitation of Indian masses for a century created hatred and animosity against them. The introduction of western education was an eye-opener for the Indians towards the colonial rule of the British raj. Besides, several other factors contributed for the growth of nationalism in.

'Hate speech reinforces communal divides': Petitioner in Sudarshan TV's 'UPSC Jihad' case After the Supreme Court stayed the broadcast of Sudarshan News's controversial series, Patriot spoke to one of the early petitioners who sought the stay in Delhi High Court Cracking the UPSC exam is the quintessential Indian dream - a ticket to social and cultural mobility. This Indian dream enriches the idea of India when a person who is not an upper caste Hindu makes it to the UPSC. But a Muslim government officer is an oxymoron for some. They can't quite process it without adding the pejorative word.

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Published Hindu Patriot which had a critical tone. ? East India Association, 1856 - Dadabhai Naoroji - London, One of the predecessors of INC. Idea was to present correct information about India to British Public HINDOO PATRIOT and SOMPRAKASH took up the cause of Indigo; British India Association came to their help as well; In 1832 TITU MIR had given a strong fight to Indigo Planters. The FARAIZI movement under DUDU MIAN also targeted INDIGO Planters; AGRARIAN LEAGUE was formed in PABNA in 1873. Oppression by landlords pushed peasants to limits, high.

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India's first Signal Fish was found in Kerala deep waters.; The discovered species is the world's largest Signal Fish. The species named Pteropsaron indicum was collected by trawlers at a depth of 70 metres during a marine biodiversity survey.; The signal fishes are spotted in the coral reefs.So it indicates the presence of patchy corals off the Kerala coast He was an Indian poet of Portuguese origin and assistant headmaster of Hindu College, Kolkata. Swami Dayanand Saraswathi and the Arya Samaj. The Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswathi at Bombayin 1875. Born in Kathiawar in Gujarat, Swami Dayanand (1824-83) was a scholar, a patriot, a social reformer and a revivalist 1. The right to marry a person of one's choice is a guarantee under Article 21 and it is also granted in The Special Marriage Act, in 1954. 2. At the same time, freedom of conscience, the practice and propagation of a religion of one's choice, including not following any religion, are guaranteed under Article 25. 3

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20 January 2021: The Indian Express Editorial Analysis 1) SAVING THE REPUBLIC. The secular, inclusive character of the country is under threat . GS 1: Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues GS 4: Human Values - lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators Government security powers endeavored to stop the walk, capturing up to 150,000 members. Accordingly, the BJP Hindu patriot gathering would not keep supporting the legislature. This constrained new decisions to be called for 1991. In any case, the Hindu patriots in Ayodhya had accomplished their objective British Indian Association was created after amalgamating the Landholders Society and British India Society on 31 October 1851.This was the first political organization that brought the Indians together. The President of the first committee of this organization was Raja Radhakanta Deb, while Debendranath Tagore was its secretary.. The newspaper of this society was Hindu patriot.

Ramakrishna Movement and Vivekananda The reformist organisations like the Brahmo Samaj in Bengal, which was more modernist in its approach, was weakened after the 1870s by internal dissent and divisions. This was followed by the emergence of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda movement in the 1880s. While Brahmo Sarnaj's appeal was to intellect and its didactic rationalism appeale One among them was the young Sisir Kumar Ghosh who wrote about the plight of the indigo planters in the weekly, The Hindoo Patriot, in January 1853. Today, Insights is synonymous with UPSC civil services exam preparation. Insights has redefined the way preparation is done in UPSC civil service exam. Popular Courses

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Coronavirus Context : China is struggling to contain the spread of a new virus that has claimed at least six lives so far since 31st December. The outbreak has triggered memories of SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS originated in China in 2002, By 2003 it infected more than 8,000 people and killed 774 in a pandemic that ripped through Asia. The present virus is called the Coro Areas like General Studies, Daily Current Affairs MCQs for UPSC, Spectrum Modern Indian History, Indian Polity Laxmikant Indian Economy, Indian art and culture, Geography, Environment & Ecology, National issues, International issues, The Hindu analysis, The Hindu analysis, Current Affairs MCQs 100 and 200 days UPSC preparation are covered. we. Devendra Nath Tagore started the Indian Mirror newspaper in early 1862. This newspaper was published in English. Tagore was born in 1817. He helped found the Brahmo religion. He was a religious. Its editor Harish Chandra Mukherjee wrote in the Hindu Patriot on 14 January 1858. In the wake of the upcoming charter act (of 1853) in 1852, this organisation sent a delegation to England, pleading for separation of Judiciary with executive, higher posts and pays for Indians, abolition of salt duty and inclusion of Indians in the legislative. Kasturba Gandhi 1869-1944. • A freedom fighter and wife of M K Gandhi, popularly known as Ba. • She supported Gandhi in all his political programmes and was the first woman to be.


One way to look at this would be whih pages you can safely ignore. I used to ignore: 1. Political news pages with mudslinging etc. 2. Sports pages 3. Popular culture pages relating to movies, bollywood etc. 4. Business news pages including any com.. Growth of the Press During the Rule of British In India. During the rule of the British East India Company, the Anglo-Indians and Europeans began to publish newspapers and journals. Hicky began to publish a weekly by name The Bengal Gazette in 1780 and did not hesitate to criticize the actions of the then Governor General Warren Hastings Rabindranath was a great patriot. He protested against the Sedition Bills of 1898. In 1899, he also worked with Sister Nivedita in organising relief for the plague victims in Calcutta. Tagore composed the National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana. This was sung at the Calcutta Congress Session in 1911 for the first time

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Materials for UPSC and other exams. View channel. The New York Times. @nytimes. 44700. Channel to get breaking news from NYTimes.com. View channel. News paper hindi @News_paper_hindi. 26700. Get all major Hindi news paper in PDF daily The leading newspapers of Calcutta at that time - The Bengali, Amrita Bazaar Patrika, The Hindu Patriot protested against this partition. But unfortunately no protest, plead, petition or entreat could alter the government decision. The government remained impervious to every appeal Educated middle class wrote articles like in Hindoo Patriot by Harish Chandra Mukherjee. NEEL DARPAN written by Dinbandhu Mitro. Its only aim was to stop forced cultivation of Indigo and decline in fertility of soil it caused with repeated cultivation. Deccan Agrarian Riot 1875 Pune, Satara, Ahmednagar. Issu Important Newspapers with their founder, editor, year of publication, location and language during the British period in India. A number of newspapers published during this time. The tremendous contribution of newspapers toward the freedom of Indian history established a great sentient for the revolutionary people. # Important Newspaper of Indian History English - Newspaper of [ December 2020 The Hindu Editorials Compilation Summary for Civil Services. Index GS-1 Mains. QUESTION : The need for conducting a caste based census in Indian society is the reality of time Critically analyse this statement

May 25, 2021 - Chapter 5 - Modern India (Part -1)- Notes, UPSC / IAS Exam UPSC Notes | EduRev is made by best teachers of UPSC. This document is highly rated by UPSC students and has been viewed 1857 times Correct Answer: [C] Hindu Patriot. Explanation: Hindu Patriot magazine was an English weekly published from Kolkata. The founding editor of this magazine was Girish Chandra Ghosh. 127. Indigo Revolt in Bengal took place in the year. (D) 1860. Correct Answer: [C] 1859. Explanation: Indigo Revolt was started in Bengal ( Krishnanagar, Nadia) in 1859 Daily Quiz: UPSC Prelims Marathon (History) - October 12th,2020. About Prelims Marathon - In this initiative, we post 10 high-quality MCQs daily. Questions are based on the static part of the syllabus. We at ForumIAS believe that practicing these quality questions on a daily basis can boost students' prelims preparation Swami Vivekananda was a Hindu monk and one of the most celebrated spiritual leaders of India. He was more than just a spiritual mind; he was a prolific thinker, great orator and passionate patriot. He carried on the free-thinking philosophy of his guru, Ramakrishna Paramhansa forward into a new paradigm

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Vivekananda was a Vedantic; He was a believer in Advaita or Monism. He had a firm faith in the unity of Godhood and the deeper unity of all religions. Every religion had its own rituals, mythology and fundamental principles. The real substance of all religions lies in the principles and it is there, that unity of all religions can be seen In May 2019, in the lead-up to the final phase of Indian elections, BJP's candidate from Bhopal, Pragya Thakur, called Godse a patriot. Facing intense backlash, she apologized later. As Hindu nationalism becomes more widespread in India, statues and temples are being raised in Godse's honor Chauvinist in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper) 'we don't want to lay ourselves open to charges that we're chauvinists' 'Male chauvinists, if anything, should be the ones supporting such government folly - not aspiring feminists!' 'We have no doubt that if women put their heads together, they can overcome the barriers mounted by male chauvinists. 180 nations agree on a new UN accord to curb export of plastic waste Obesity on the rise in rural areas too U.S. positions Patriot missile off Ira Queen Chennamma of Kittur. Chennamma (1778-1829 CE) was born at Kakati ( Belgaum district) and had the proper education, girls of the ruling class got in those times. She was married to Mallasarja Desai, ruler of Kittur at the age of 15. After his death, his son Shivalingarudra Sarja who had no children adopted a boy, Shivalingappa who was his.

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  1. ing that the threat from Iran that sparked an arms buildup in the region last year had waned
  2. UPSC Exam Details UPSC Exam Notification Role of Indian Press - Indian press, particularly the Hindoo Patriot and Somprakash took up the cause of the indigo peasants, and the British Indian Association came to their side as well
  3. Neel Aandolan Ka Jamakar Samarthan Karne Waale Hindu Patriot Ke Sampadak Kaun The? नील आंदोलन का जमकर समर्थन करने वाले Hindu Patriot के संपादक कौन थे ? #2 Answers, #1094 Views Listen to Expert Answers on Vokal - India's Largest Question & Answers Platform in 11 Indian Languages
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Bhagwat was speaking at an event to release the book titled 'Making of a Hindu Patriot: Background of Gandhiji's Hind Swaraj', authored by JK Bajaj and MD Srinivas. Releasing the book, Bhagwat said there is no need for speculation that Sangh is trying to appropriate Gandhiji, that is not the case, no one can appropriate great. The Indian Press and literature both English and vernacular also used national conscious among the people of the country. Newspapers like the Indian Mirror, Bombay Samachar The Hindu Patriot, The Amrit Bazar Patrika, The Hindu, The Kesari, The Bengalee, etc., tremendously influenced the people of India and thus, left an indelible mark on the political. 11 May 1857, Meerut sepoy, Bahadur shah II (pensioner of East Ind co.), Shahenshah-e-Hindustan. Introduction of moneylender, trader, revenue farmer, middle men. self claimed messiah/God's vision, magical power, charismatic. Oppression - Advance (low) pay to peasants, low value for produce. 1860- indigo out of Bengal, shift to bihar

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  1. The Hindu: Kasturi Ranga Iyengar: Yugantar: Bhupendranath Datta, Abhinash Bhattacharya and Barinder Kumar Ghosh: Mooknayak: BR Ambedkar: Independent: Motilal Nehru: Punjabi: Lala Lajpat Rai: The Leader: Madan Mohan Malviya: New India and Commonweal: Annie Besant: Esays in Indian Economics: MG Ranade: Mirat-ul-Akbar (1st Persian Newspaper) Ram.
  2. The 43rd Report to the concerned Parliamentary Standing Committee, the Ministry of Home Affairs has brought out that 210 of the 535 districts in the country are affected by serious internal security problems or public disorders and almost 40 per-cent areas facing serious disorders of one or the other kind
  3. UPSC Prelims 2020 Important Topics. 1. Introduction to Nationalist Movement (1905-18): Gradually, over the years, the trend of militant nationalism (also known as Extremism) had been growing in the country. It found expression in the movement against the partition of Bengal in 1905. The Indian national movement even in its early days had.
  4. ent roles from four leading newspapers of Calcutta, namely the Amrita Bazaar Patrika, the Hindu Patriot, the Indian Mirror and the Bengalee; as also the vernacular newspapers like Bangabashi and Sanjivani. In an early issue of the Amrita Bazaar Patrika dated December 14, 1903, the newspaper urged people of East Bengal to.

The Partition of Bengal (1905), the Swadeshi Movement in Bengal; the economic and political aspects of Swadeshi Movement: Part II Swadeshi Movement: The Swadeshi movement had its genesis in the anti-partition movement which started with the partition of Bengal by the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, 1905 and continued up to 1911. It was the mos # POLITY & GOVERNANCE. Green tribunal directs LG Polymers to deposit Rs. 50 cr. Pg - 01 Deliver Babri case verdict by Aug. 31: SC Pg - 01 Aarogya Setu app: HC seeks Centre's response Pg - 05 NGT cites archaic law in gas leak case Pg - 08 Eight political parties pan dilution of labour laws Pg - 08 Ration card portability usage low: Paswan Pg - 1

To download the OPSC answer key, candidates will have to follow these steps: Go to the official website - opsc.gov.in. Click on the link OPSC answer key 2020 (link will be provided as and when the answer key is released) The link will redirect to the answer key window. Select the set for which the test has been taken Two sides of the same coin as the votaries of a Hindu nation and an Islamic state have always been, archival documents point to a sleazy collaboration between Mookerjee--whose death anniversary is being currently celebrated by the Modi regime -the Muslim League and the Britis About Swami Vivekananda NDA Academy. Swami Vivekananda Academy an institute established in the year 2018 by Rakesh Chauhan. Swami Vivekananda Academy consists of the best minds from academics. The institute has been very successful in making potential aspirants realize their dreams which are evident from the success stories of the previous years #5: Gandhi, the British Patriot. Until the 1920s, Gandhi was an ardent British patriot; He felt the British Empire embodied the principles of equality and liberty that he believed in. He considered General Smuts' racist policies in South Africa as an aberration, rather than a defining trait of the British Empire Ideologies of Political Parties in India. The main factor that clarifies the mushrooming development of political gatherings in India is the distinction in belief system. While some of them are.

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  1. General Awareness for Banking and competitive exams like RRB, CDS, RBI, SSC, UPSC, FCI, UIIC, OICL, SBI Clerks and PO requires knowledge on many different subjects, one such subject is Indian newspapers and their editors and founders. List of Indian Newspapers and their editors and founders is an important topic for the General Awareness Section. We [
  2. Maulana Azad was an intellectual par excellence, who possessed the rare qualities of a scholar. He was a philosopher, jurist, writer, journalist and poet. Maulana Azad started his literary and journalistic career, writing poems and political articles for Urdu journals, at a very young age. When he was only 12, he started a poetic journal called.
  3. Reforms for women. Widow remarriage: Vidyasagar followed in the great reformist tradition of Raja Ram Mohun Roy (1772-1833), and argued, on the basis of scriptures and old commentaries, in favour of the remarriage of widows in the same way as Roy did for the abolition of Sati. Child marriage: He launched a powerful attack on the practice of.
  4. I recently found a very useful Telegram channel for UPSC aspirant because this channel provides daily current affair plus daily The Hindu paper everybody knows the value of The Hindu paper because it's current affair it's editorials are very impor..
  5. English by MANISH PRAJAPATI. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu

Q.Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar has always been at the heart of the social reforms. Examine his role in uplifting the society of that time and his contributions in the field of education. (10 marks, 150 words, GS-1, Modern History) Answer- Introduction- Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891) was as one of the pillars of Benga On Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's 125th birth anniversary, The Quint is publishing a series of exclusive essays dealing with various aspects of his life and legacy. This is the first essay in a. #UniformCivilCode We think its time ripe to implement it. @AmitShah ji, please fulfill the aspirations of the majority of this great nation. Every single patriot stands with you. World's largest democracy needs that. Video courtesy: @Republic_Bharat 3/ A Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile launching system is displayed at the exposition field in Kubinka Patriot Park outside Moscow on August 22, 2017. The Hindu Net Desk In the year 2020 also, UPSC had to postpone the CSE Prelims exam 2020 to October 4. Due to the prevailing conditions caused by the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), the Union Public Service Commission has deferred the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2021, which was scheduled to be held on 27th June 2021

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  1. ent Muslim leaders to support Hindu-Muslim unity, opposing the partition of India on communal lines. Following India 's independence, he became the first.
  2. Gandhi's Hind Swaraj is primarily known for its trenchant critique of modern civilization. In Hind Swaraj he also dwells on the condition of India as it has developed under the British rule and tutelage. He makes a basic formulation that under the impact of the British rule India is turning into an 'irreligious' country
  3. The Hindu Mahasabha (officially Akhil Bhārat Hindū Mahāsabhā or All-India Hindu Grand-Assembly) is a right wing Hindu nationalist political party in India.. The organisation was formed to protect the rights of the Hindu community in British India, after the formation of the All India Muslim League in 1906 and the British India government's creation of separate Muslim electorate under the.

1926 Muslim-Hindu riots destroy temples, killing 12, wounding 100 in Calcutta. 1946 Sagarmal Gopa, devoted patriot, freedom fighter and political worker, was burnt alive. 1966 First Indian-made computer commissioned in Jadavpur University campus. 1984 Bombay beat Delhi on first innings to win the Ranji Trophy 'Hindu Patriot' which extensively reported on oppression done to Indigo cultivators was edited by: (a) Deena Bandhu Mitra (b) Harish Chandra Mukherjee (c) James Long (d) None of these . Indigo rebellion was started by Vishnu Charan Biswas and Digambar Biswas in 1859 in Nicknames of Famous Indian Personalities. Let us see some of the Famous Indian Personalities and their nicknames. 1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Dr Rajendra Prasad was elected as the first President of India by the Constituent Assembly. He was a lawyer, scholar, and activist during India's freedom struggle. He had joined the Indian National Congress. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Introduction Raja Ram Mohan Roy is widely acknowledged as 'the Father of' Modern India, Modern Indian Liberal Tradition, Hindu Reformation and Renaissance, 'the Champion' of Women's Rights, 'the Pioneer' of Social and Political Reforms, 'the Prophet' of International Co-existence, and the 'Forerunner' of the Indian Liberal Moderates The Hindu editorial vocab through the hindu editorial analysis is the best way to learn and improve vocabulary for competitive exams. Today we have covered Heckler's veto: On Vijay Sethupathi's withdrawal from Muralitharan biopic '800' editorial for the hindu editorial vocabulary for 22 October 2020

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