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This guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE) is for health and social care workers working in the community during this period of sustained transmission of COVID-19.Guidance should be used. Taking o personal . protective equipment (PPE) Standard Infection Control Precautions. Crown copyright 2020. Public Health England Gateway Number: 2019-262. V1.2. 10-08-2020 • PE should be removed in an P order that minimises the risk of self-contamination • loves, aprons (and eye protection if used) G should be taken o in the patient's roo Putting on personal . protective equipment (PPE) Standard Infection Control Precautions. Crown copyright 2020. Public Health England Gateway Number: 2019-263. V1.2. 10-08-2020. Pre-donning instructions: • Ensure healthcare worker hydrated • Tie hair back • emove jewelleryR • heck PPE in the correct size is availableC Perform hand hygien ; Guide to donning and doffing PPE: Droplet Precautions for health and social care settings - Public Health England gateway number 2020212 Created Date 8/10/2020 3:01:54 P

This guidance contains information on personal protective equipment (PPE), and infection prevention and control (IPC).We are currently experiencing sustained transmission of COVID-19 across the UK Removal of (doffing) personal protective equipment (PPE). Airborne Precautions for AGPs - Gown version The order of removal of PPE is as follows: 1 Gloves - the outsides of the gloves are contaminated 2 Gown - the front of the gown and sleeves will be contaminated Eye protection (preferably a full-face visor) - the outside will be.

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The guidance is issued jointly by DHSC, Public Health Wales (PHW), Public Health Agency (PHA) Northern Ireland, Health Protection Scotland (HPS), Public Health England and NHS England as official. Recommended PPE for primary, outpatient, community and social care by setting, NHS and independent sector Author: Public Health England Subject: Recommended PPE for primary, outpatient, community and social care by setting, NHS and independent sector Created Date: 4/8/2020 5:19:46 P Personal protective equipment (PPE) New government recommendations for England NHS hospital trusts and private hospital providers Public Health England (PHE) guidance for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) PHE guidance on the use of PPE Guidance on the use of personal protective equipment Public Health England gateway number 2020208 PDF, Guidance on donning and doffing PPE for non-aerosol generating procedures is also. The UK's public health bodies and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges have published new guidance about personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS teams in all parts of the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic. We welcome this guidance as it rightly includes optometrists as essential primary care providers, and we recommend our members follow its recommendations

  1. 82070/Taking_off_PPE_ home_carer.pdf PPE guidance poster for home carers Public Health England . How to work safely as a home carer. Putting on personal protective equipment procedure PPE Public Health England Putting on (donning) personal protective equipment (PPE) for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) Gown versio
  2. Using disposable respirator - poster; Review of evidence of the use of PPE in healthcare - Experts from HSE and Public Health England (PHE) have conducted a review of the evidence on the use of PPE as protection against coronavirus ; There is also core guidance available
  3. Should I be wearing enhanced PPE due to the new variant of Covid-19? The CSP has sought clarity on this issue from Public Health England and has received this response which will shortly be published as an update to the IPC guidance. A peer review has been undertaken by an expert group of clinicians to assess the new variant strains (SARS-CoV-2 VOC-202012/01 and UK VOC122020/02)
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) posters 22 Feb 2021; Rapid review of the literature: SARS-CoV-2 variants VOC-202012/01 (B.1.1.7) and 501Y.V2 (B.1.351) - implications for infection control within health and care settings 28 Jan 202 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Centre. Subscribe for updates. For further coronavirus information please visit the NHS website and the GOV webpage

Our advice for clinicians on the coronavirus is here. If you are a member of the public looking for information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19), including information about the COVID-19 vaccine, go to the NHS website.You can also find guidance and support on the GOV.UK website PPE assists in the prevention and control of COVID-19 infections. Learn how to properly and safely put on and take off various PPE including masks, respirators, eye protection, gowns and gloves using the resources below. Review your workplace guidelines or local public health unit guidance to determine which PPE to select and for what use

New guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE) has been published for health and social care workers responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland. The guidance, which has been agreed by the four UK Chief Medical Officers and Chief Nursing Officers, follows an urgent review of the existing guidance against the latest evidence and WHO. 02 April, 2020 By Megan Ford. New guidance on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by frontline health and care staff during the coronavirus pandemic has been published. Those behind the blueprint said the update would cut the unnecessary use of stocks and also support staff to use the right equipment at this unprecedented time

Guide to donning and doffing standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Author: Public Health England Subject: Guide to donning and doffing standard Personal Protective Equipment \(PPE\) for health and social care settings Gateway number 2019288 Created Date: 4/1/2020 7:19:45 P Week 64: 'How Are We Doing in Wales' public engagement survey results Delta variant cases increase across Wales New Resource to help build healthier environments and combat obesity in Wales Public Health Wales launches new toolkit to help create a more sustainable future for all Cases close to 100 per 100,000 in parts of North Wales A new survey launched: Capturing the impact of COVID-19 on. Public Health England Gateway number 2019 271 When caring for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, all healthcare workers need to - prior to any patient interaction - assess • PPE should be put on and removed in an order that minimises the potential for self-contamination • The order for PPE removal is gloves, hand hygiene.

Employers must protect workers from injury or harm to health which could happen as a result of work-related activity. This includes taking reasonable steps to protect your workers and others from coronavirus (COVID-19). During the pandemic, HSE has worked with others to develop guidance about current issues with PPE (personal protective equipment) FAQs on wearing PPE by Public Health England; PPE plan by the Dept of Health and Social Care; PPE A4 Posters - community and inpatient settings JUNE 2021 See the Clinical Guidance page for SOPs on PPE in inpatients and community settings; How to put on and remove PPE. The following guides are from the Public Health England website: Putting on.

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  1. Evidence-based guidance from international experts* does NOT recommend double gloving, using double or combinations of masks/respirators, head, neck or shoe covers for COVID-19 protection. * World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health England, and Department of Health Australi
  2. Public Health England Quick guide to donning doffing standard PPE. YouTube. Public Health England. 11.8K subscribers. Subscribe. COVID-19: Donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment in Health and Social Care Settings. Tap to unmute
  3. The current legislation which refers to the supply of personal protective equipment is the The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2016/425, which is enforced by the Personal Protective Equipment (Enforcement) Regulations 2018. HSE are the enforcing authority for the supply of PPE that is designed for use at work
  4. PPE, specified for different settings and activities in line with national guidance. This can effectively require them to wear PPE for the entirety of their clinical work.iv Wearing PPE in warm/hot environments increases the risk of heat stress because:iii • PPE reduces the body's ability to evaporate sweat and prevents heat loss throug
  5. Please note: This information is now out of date. For the latest information on Covid-19 please visit our Coronavirus information hub.. Last week we received updated advice from Public Health England (PHE) about the role of PPE when it comes to vets and the test and trace system in England. Since then, we've received many questions about what this means for you in practice

Public Health England have issued illustrated guidance on the use of PPE by health and social care workers working in community settings. Care homes safety guidance Public Health England issued new guidance for care homes on how to work safely during this period of sustained transmission of COVID-19 Updated UK guidance was published on 2 April, following a rapid review by Public Health England and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. The update has simplified the guidance in some places and reflects the fact coronavirus is now widespread in the community, meaning NHS and social care staff are more likely to care for people with the virus. The use of face coverings as a public health protection measure in England falls under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Wearing of Face Coverings in a Relevant Place) (England) Regulations 2020. Separate regulations and guidance apply for public use of face coverings in Scotland and in Wales See the latest guidance in England. Close. You may wish to display these posters in your staff areas and watch these videos to help you in your role. Public Health England: Personal protective equipment (PPE) donning and doffing - video; Guidance for all service areas This summary is based on official guidance jointly issued by the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health Wales, Public Health Agency Northern Ireland, Health Protection Scotland/National Services Scotland, Public Health England, and NHS England. It supersedes the COVID-19 UK infection prevention and control guidance (18 June 2020)

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The appropriate form of PPE varies depending upon the healthcare setting (as shown in this table on Public Health England website). The correct type of PPE must be used by the healthcare staff in specified settings and must be put on correctly (donning) and taken off (doffing) appropriately to minimise the risk of onward transmission (HPS)/National Services Scotland, Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England as official guidance. In England, a further toolkit and resources have been published to support compliance with There is a child-friendly poster explaining COVID-19, available to download at the Paediatricians should wear correct PPE as per PHE guidance for. See the face coverings: guidance for public here. See the Keep Wales safe at work workplace guidance here. As part of this guidance a poster has been developed for you to put up in your setting to show that you have taken the steps above and complied with the Welsh Governments guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19

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Accessing the Coronavirus programme by Health Education England. COVID-19: Donning of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CG2 Record Keeping. CG3 Guidelines for the Administration of Medicines. Guidance for Bank Members Subject to Trust Feedback. POL6 Infection Control Policy. Raising Concerns and Whistle Blowing Policy for Flexible Workers You can find guidance on PPE, and infection prevention and control (IPC) for both health and social care settings and non-health and social care settings on the GOV.UK website. Find guidance on PPE. You can also email: PPE19@stockport.gov.uk. Public Health England have produced the following guidance posters

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Public Health England have released the following coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance: Admission and Care of People in Care Homes. Home Care Provision. Supported Living. Infection Prevention Control and PPE. Public Health Dorset PPE guidance document. Guidance for Health Professionals. A visual guide to safe PPE. At Risk Patients - Easy Read Guidance Camden & Islington Public Health Guidance on reopening day centres Appendix 1: Safe use of Personal Protective Equipment 1. About this guidance disposed) or into your arm. A range of poster produced by Public Health England are available here They are available from the Public Health England website. Find supplies of PPE Personal protective equipment (PPE) for services outside the NHS with high priority needs for example, adult and children's social care, prison officers, police and funeral directors. Guidance for producers of face coverings (pdf format, 104Kb Public Health England. Your primary source of guidance on infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be Public Health England. On 20 October the COVID-19: infection prevention and control dental appendix was published, containing updated, UK-wide guidance for NHS, private and independent dental settings

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (such as disposable gloves and aprons) Requiring and maintaining high standards of cleanliness in the environment, including equipment; Recognition, advice, education and support with signs and symptoms of infection; Infection Prevention and Control Audits of care provisio Displayed posters on Cervical Screening from PHE and Jos Trust together with associated information at my branch of Lloyds Cervical screening display in Healthy Living Pharmacy Jan Reid, One You Lifestyle Advisor promoted One You resources in East Kent College in Broadstairs health event Once the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has declared an influenza pandemic in the UK, then the Department of Health (England) and Public Health England's detailed guidance entitled 'Health and social care influenza pandemic preparedness and response' is a useful document to help inform your risk assessment Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Centre. Stay up to date with coronavirus campaigns and resources. Hands. Face. Space. Fresh Air. For further information please visit the NHS website, NHS COVID-19 website and the GOV webpage Putting On Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 1. Perform Hand Hygiene 2. Put on Gown • Tie neck and waist ties securely 3. Put on Mask/N95 Respirator • Place mask over nose and under chin • Secure ties, loops or straps • Mould metal piece to your nose bridge • For respirators, perform a seal-check 4. Put on Protective Eyewea

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The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended) sets out duties to employers to ensure that PPE is: Supplied and used at work wherever there are risks to health & safety that cannot be adequately controlled in other ways. Properly assessed before use to ensure it is suitable. Maintained and stored properly Take pupils on a fun, active adventure with our new Disney, Pixar and Marvel inspired 10 Minute Shake Up resources. Packed with flexible, bite-sized activities to support pupils' physical and mental wellbeing, these resources are also designed to help you deliver the Relationships Education and Health Education curriculum. Get Shake Up resources

COVID-19: infection prevention and control guidance Uncontrolled if printed 5 2. Background This document is an appendix to the 'COVID-19: Guidance for the remobilisation of services within health and care settings' and covers the additional dental specific requirements to facilitate remobilisation Equally, in the context of the pandemic, we will need to take actions differently to prevent heat related harm to health. In preparation for summer 2021, PHE has developed a slide set to outline intersecting COVID-19 and hot weather risks and to highlight changes to the usual actions in the Heatwave Plan for England in light of the pandemic [Public Health England's COVID-19: Guidance for the remobilisation of services within health and care settings and PPE guide for community and social care settings]; and eye/face protection if there is an anticipated or likely risk of contamination with splashes, droplets of blood or body fluids Covid-19: PPE Guidance Update Broadcast content: The UK Government and NHS leaders from a range of medical and nursing professional groups have published new guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS staff who are likely to come into contact with patients with COVID-19

Part 4 Personal Protective Equipment Putting on and removing PPE. Training. IPC - summary e-learning modules e-LfH is a Health Education England Programme in partnership with the NHS and Professional Bodies. Short infection prevention and control training packs have been made available for all Providers. They are delivered as e-learning Public Health England has released provisional estimates of life expectancy at birth for 2020. Find out how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on levels of mortality and inequality in England in 2020. Read more of Life expectancy in England in 2020 COVID-19: Reintroducing confirmatory PCR testin Public Health England (PHE) in collaboration with the LGA, Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH), and NHS England and NHS Improvement, have collated a suite of resources relating to health inequalities and COVID-19 to support place-based approaches to planning and responding to the pandemic, while mitigating against potential impacts. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) video. This short film shows the correct order for putting on, the safe order for removal, and the disposal of PPE for healthcare workers in a primary care setting (droplet). This technique could also be applied in other settings. It aligns with guidance for PPE requirements in primary and secondary care. COVID-19 Top tips for keeping ourselves and others safe PDF 135 KB. IPC guidance for visits by staff PDF 360 KB. Care staff should be bare below the elbows. If there is a risk of splashing from providing direct care, when removing PPE and washing hands, staff should include washing below their elbows also

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  1. The Government's 43-page document , Keeping workers and customers safe during Covid-19 in restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaways services , was released after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on 23 June that pubs would be allowed to reopen in July. Prepared by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) with input from businesses, unions, industry bodies and in.
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19): guide for health professions considering a return to the NHS Scotland. Coronavirus (COVID-19): PPE access for social care providers and unpaid carers. Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult support and protection guidance. Coronavirus (COVID-19): clinical guidance on the use of Buvidal in prisons
  3. COVID-19 Safe ways of working - A visual guide to safe PPE Author: Public Health England Subject: COVID-19 Safe ways of working A visual guide to safe PPE Keywords; COVID-19 Safe ways of working - A visual guide to safe PPE; Public Health gateway number: 2019296 Created Date: 4/1/2020 6:16:24 P
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There is a Public Health England (PHE) video - COVID-19 Putting on and taking off PPE - a guide for care homes - for both regular care and AGP procedures, and posters to print covering: COVID-19: personal protective equipment use for non-aerosol generating procedures; COVID-19: personal protective equipment use for aerosol generating procedure Guide to donning and doffing standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Many thanks to Public Health England for the use of their images. Produced by the HSE AMRIC team hcai.amrteam@hse.ie FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS DONNING OR PUTTING ON PPE • Before putting on the PPE, perform hand hygiene PPE should be disposed of in the following manner: • Put into a plastic bag and tied up or sealed. • Placed into the general waste (where available, clinical waste disposal bins could be used). 9 Public Health England. Putting on (donning) personal protective equipment (PPE) including coveralls for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs)

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  1. Optional CDC Hand Washing Posters . These posters are highly recommended for any business, especially during periods of public health concern. The CDC publishes free hygiene and hand-washing posters that are recommended materials for posting in breakrooms, bathrooms, or any area where employees handle food
  2. COVID 19: Posters and Flyers Select COVID-19 Symptoms and Care Prevention and Groups at Higher Risk Vaccine Testing Pregnancy Mental Health and Substance Use Data Information for Providers Reopening Businesses and Schools Community Services Posters and Flyer
  3. COVID-19: College guidance. Our regularly updated clinical and professional guidance is cited by NHS England and all the UK health authorities, and has been developed to ensure that you can practise safely and effectively through all phases of the pandemic
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Reusuable FFP3 respirators are already recommended for use by Public Health England, Public Health Wales, Health Protection Scotland, the Public Health Agency, the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges and the National Health Service[22]. Public Health England must urgently review whether current PPE and ventilation guidance is still adequate. Using PPE safely. This Public Health England video shows how to safely 'don' (put on) and 'doff' (take off) your PPE. This guidance outlines infection control for health and social care settings involving possible cases of COVID-19. You can also read some frequently asked questions from Public Health England on wearing PPE (pdf / 191 KB)

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The Public Health England (PHE) guidance are applicable in Wales. See: England NHS hospital trusts and private hospital providers and personal protective equipment RCN poster. Gloves and aprons are not necessary unless there is a risk to the healthcare worker,. Whilst Public Health England (PHE) maintain that CPR is a non-Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) and therefore does not require full PPE (FFP3 respirators, gowns, eye protection and gloves), they have acknowledged that Health Care Trusts may opt for AGP levels of PPE if they consider this appropriate. This best ensures health care workers.

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Protects the state's residents and visitors through the prevention and control of disease and injury; regulates medical practitioners and promotes sanitation. Health fact sheets, vital records, publications, calendar, and links Recommended PPE for ambulance staff, paramedics, first responders, other patient transport services and pharmacy staff 1. This may be single or reusable face/eye protection/full face visor or goggles. 2. The full list of aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) is within the IPC guidance [note APGs are undergoing a further review at present]. 3 Primary care has been issued guidance. Public Health England has also been involved with efforts to support the British Overseas Territories against the outbreak. On 16 March, the British government started holding daily press briefings. The briefings were to be held by the Prime Minister or government ministers and advisers Guidance Data and surveillance Publications Incidents and outbreaks News covid-19-guidance-for-infection-prevention-and-control-in-healthcare-settings/ Publication Date: 01 January 0001. Home; covid-19-guidance-for-infection-prevention-and-control-in-healthcare-settings/ Resource information. About us.

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Guidance for Decontamination of Semi-Critical Ultrasound Probes 05 Jan 2017. Decontamination, Infection Control, infection prevention, Public Health Action in Response to Detecting High Levels of Lead in Drinking-Water. Good Practice Guidance for Health Protection Teams in Scotland 15 Dec 2016 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Learn about the new Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare along with updated OSHA guidance for mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in all industries COVID-19 What's New Bulletin 39 - 29 April 2021. This is the thirty ninth weekly provider bulletin, containing information on guidance, procedures and new initiatives. Very urgent or high priority communications may still be issued on an ad hoc basis, but we will try to keep these to a minimum. COVID RELATED INFORMATION Recommended PPE for Ambulance Service, Police Service, Fire & Rescue Service, Customs & Immigration, and Mortuary Staff/Funeral Directors 1. This may be single or reusable face/eye protection/full face visor or goggles Guidance for the Public on Mental Health and Wellbeing . Published by Public Health England, this advice and information covers how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It has been updated to reflect the national restrictions in place in England from 5 November. Topics covered include

Updated PPE guidance published to provide greater clarity

COVID-19 Employer Information for Gyms and Fitness Centers. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness (see list of symptoms) caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2. Here's what we currently know: The main way the virus spreads is from person-to-person through respiratory droplets when people cough, sneeze, or talk The most recent guidance on PPE would suggest that, in this scenario, probably a non-aerosol generating procedure (AGP) situation, PPE is required to treat this 76-year-old in primary care. 1 Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health Wales, Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland), Health Protection Scotland and Public Health England joint UK advice: COVID-19: infection prevention and control (includes guidance on the correct use of PPE All you need to know about PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. Including PPE Regulations 2018 and guidance for health & safety professionals. This guide covers safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, hazmat suits, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety harnesses, ear plugs, ear defenders and RPE

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About Public Health England Public Health England exists to protect and improve the nation's health and wellbeing residents and display posters widely. Ensure infection control policies are up to date, read when PPE should be used as per setting specific guidance. Additional PPE is required fo Coronavirus guidance for health professionals produced by Public Health Wales (includes PPE). Therapeutic groups guidance: community settings. Guidance for health and social care staff delivering therapeutic groups in community settings. Hospital visiting during the coronavirus outbreak: guidance Health sector employers are required, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, to ensure that workers are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them from workplace hazards, including the MERS-CoV. Employers must ensure PPE that is to be provided, worn or used is properly used and maintained, is a proper fit, is.

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Public Health England template letters: letter to parents of close contacts of Covid-19 case. Advice to all parents about a confirmed case. Updated 20 January 2021: Letter to parents from North Yorkshire's Director of Public Health: Added 12 March 202 05 June, 2020 By Steve Ford. Nurse wearing PPE including mask. All hospital staff in England will be expected to wear surgical masks from the 15 June, while all visitors and outpatients will be expected to wear face coverings at all times. Health leaders responded by asking why such measures had not been implemented earlier in the pandemic and. Public Health Guidance on Covid-19 for Sheltered Accommodation (PDF, 194 KB) COVID-19: how to work safely in domiciliary care in England (GOV.UK) NHS - Workforce guidance for mental health, learning disabilities and autism, and specialised commissioning services during the coronavirus pandemic; Infection control and PPE guidance 3. Government guidance on reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 7 3.1 Government guidance for health and care settings 7 3.1.1 Infection prevention control precautions 7 3.1.2 Care pathways and settings 8 3.2 Government guidance for primary and community settings 9 3.2.1 England: Primary and community healthcare

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