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Mehr Als 4 Mio. Artikel - Qualitätsgeprüft. Kostenlose Lieferung ab 10 € in DE. Jetzt Einfach & Schnell Einkaufen. Risikolos Bestellen Mit Trusted Shop Käuferschutz Bestellen Sie Bücher, E-Books, Filme, Musik & vieles mehr im Thalia Onlineshop It burns CD at 48x speed and DVDs at 12x. They sell for under $30 USD. When looking for a DVD writer that writes both DVDs and CDs, look for the speeds that it writes at and then you'll see if the burner can do both. 3.7K view Express Burn CD and DVD Burner Free. Express Burn is a burning suite program to create and record discs quickly and easily. Create traditional audio discs or MP3 discs to store your music. Burn your home movies to share with everyone. Save your data on ISO discs Yes, pretty sure. I have a Pioneer 20x DVD-RW and it plays, burns and erases all forms of CD and DVD. Even though it's called a DVD drive, it's really just a CD-ROM with DVD features added kinda..

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The CD's are blank CD-R 52X 700MB 80 Min CD's. I tried using a different CD to see if maybe the other one had something on it already but still no luck. I clicked on My Computer and then selected DVD-RW and Properties and Recording and looked to make sure that Enable CD Recording on this drive was checked Sometimes you need to burn a CD or DVD to share files with others, make backups, or transfer information between machines. Although we now prefer to use USB thumb drives and network transfers for these purposes, Windows 10 still makes it easy to write (burn) a CD-R or DVD-R disc. Here's how to do it

You can use the Windows 10 built-in CD/DVD burning feature in File Explorer or Windows Media Player to burn movies, videos, music, photos, documents, and other data to a CD or DVD. With Windows Media Player, you can also burn MP3, WMA, or WAV files to an Audio CD that will play on any CD player or car stereo 1) If it is a Laptop type slimline drive where the optics comes out in the disc tray a relatively easy task if you do it very carefully. 2) Change the brand and batch of Discs. The drive is clean, no dusk or lint or anything. Again my drive plays CDs and DVDs fine

A DVD writer can save data or movies to compatible DVDs. It may also be able to save data and movies to Blu-ray discs or save data and music to CDs. You can generally check the manual to see what your drive is capable of reading and writing Simply speaking, one of the obvious factors for you to confirm whether your computer can be able to burn DVD discs is the DVD writer or DVD drive in your computer. If the computer contains a DVD drive that supports DVD-R or DVD-RW discs, in most cases, it is capable of reading and burning DVD discs

CD/DVD will not burn cd's. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit on a Toshiba L645D-4040 with a Matgarbagea DVD-RAM UJ890AS CD/DVD drive. I cannot burn a cd with it, using 3 different programs. It plays DVD's and Cd's fine. I have searched for the answer for 5 hours now and cannot find a solution. You may find that the DVD-RAM will only burn certain. Insert a blank recordable disc into your computer's DVD/CD burner drive. Within WMP, select Burn near the top of the screen to switch to the disc-burning mode. Select the down arrow under the Burn tab and choose Audio CD. Add the songs or playlists that you tried unsuccessfully to burn previously How to burn a DVD/CD using the LG Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer (PC)This is a follow-up to the Unboxing video. LG Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer-Purchase h.. CDBurnerXP supports burning to several types of optical media discs, including DVD, CD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray. You can burn audio CDs or data CDs in MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, and other formats. CDBurnerXP can be installed on most versions of Windows and offers a user-friendly multilanguage interface

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For DVD burning, it can burn various video formats to DVD disc and it offers template menu for DVD authoring. For Data CD/DVD writing, it can burn data discs as ISO/Joliet, UDF or Hybrid and record ISO images to disc. Express Burn has a free version, but the free version can only burn normal CDs It can be used to burn data CDs, audio CDs, DVDs, and bootable discs. This application can help create multiple disk copies. It also helps to handle external as well as internal CD/DVD writers On the pane to the right, click on the All Removable Storage: Allow direct access in remote sessions setting. 7. Click on the Edit Policy link. 8. When the window opens, click on Enable. 9. Click OK to save the settings. Close the Local Group Policy Editor window when you are done. You should now be able to burn, copy, and decrypt DVD's and. PC: Dimension 2350. Drive: NEC DVD+RW ND-1100a. Media: Philips DVD+RW 1-4x. This drive... - can play DVD movies and audio CDs. - can burn data on to the CDs. - can NOT burn audio CDs (tried via Windows Media Player) or burn DVDs (tried through Pinnacle Studio and Sonic). In both cases it does not recognize that a disk is in the drive External CD DVD Drive for Laptop,Cocopa DVD Player CD Burner Type C USB 3.0 Portable CD ROM External Disk Drive Optical Drive Slim CD DVD Recorder Writer Adapter for PC/Mac/Windows/Linux. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,127. $19.99 $ 19. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 13. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

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About The CSDVDCDBurner is a .NET library that allows you to burn files and directories to DVDs and CDs medias using C#, VB and any other developing language that support the .NET Framework and .NET Core platforms.. The CSDVDCDBurner uses the IMAPI2 of Windows, you can get a list of the DVD / CD drives that are installed on the local machine, open and close the door of the drive, add and. gBurner is a powerful and easy-to-use CD/DVD/BD burning software, which allows you to create data, audio and video CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, make bootable data discs, create multisession discs. gBurner is also a disc image file processing software, which allows you to open, create, edit, extract, convert and burn disc image files

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Free software that can burn/write data on CD or DVD discs. A review by Sven Sørensen. Nero 9 Free is a multimedia suite that is capable of creating and writing on DVD and CD optical discs, assuming the the PC is equipped with a CD or DVD burner. It does not support Blu-Ray discs To create a CD of MP3 files to play in your computer or an MP3 CD player, use a CD-R disc; some MP3 players can play CD-RW discs as well. If your computer has a DVD burner, you can burn a playlist on a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc. DVDs you create using iTunes work only in your computer (not DVD players) A traditional DVD drive is only capable of reading a DVD, but not write to a disc or burn a blank disc. If you're unsure if your computer has a DVD burner, or a drive capable of creating discs open Device Manager and look under the DVD/CD-ROM drives area. In the picture is an example of two different drives capable of writing to a DVD Step 1 Insert a blank DVD disc to the ADVD drive if you want to burn videos to DVD disc.. Step 2 Click Add Media File(s) to add one or more video files to this CD DVD Burner.. Step 3 You can click the edit button in the main interface to enhance the videos before burning to DVD.. Step 4 Click Next to edit DVD menu.. Step 5 Click Next to get the DVD burning settings

The easiest way to play or burn CD/DVD discs is to buy an external optical drive. Most optical drive peripheral devices connect via USB and are plug-and-play. That means you can simply connect the drive and use it the same you would use an internal CD/DVD player. Many external CD/DVD burners are available for under $50 What's the difference between a CD writer/burner and a DVD writer/Burner? Beyond the obvious one is built to read and write only CDs while the other is designed to read and write DVDs and CD, they both use different wavelengths of lasers to read..

My CD/DVD burner will not burn a CD. It will burn a DVD but not a DVD. I don't even see the Burner in the device manager and don't know why it will burn a DVD but not a CD. I have the same question. Tags (2) Tags: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Pavillion. View All (2) 10 REPLIES 10. WAWood. Level 1 Brand new latitude e5510, the cd/dvd drive can read and play, but if I try and burn something nothing shows up in the destination. I've tried 2 different burner programs and the win7 disc burner. When I open an ISO with Windows Disc Burner, the image file is present, but nothing is in the Disc Burner drop down. Status says: A disc burner wasn't. External CD Drive USB 3.0 Portable CD DVD +/-RW Drive DVD/CD ROM Rewriter Burner Writer Compatible with Laptop Desktop PC Windows Mac Pro MacBook. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 20,652. $22.99. $22. . 99. 15% coupon applied at checkout. Save 15% with coupon To solve these question, here provide top 5 CD Burner software for you to choose according to your need. Top 1. Windows 10 Built-in CD Burner. Windows 10 Built-in CD Burner is very easy to use, which would burn your CDs and DVDs fast. You can burn a Music CD or Data CD for playback in CD player, car stereo, game console, DVD player, etc Download Express Burn Free CD and DVD Burner for Windows to burn audio, mp3, and data CDs and DVD's, also compatible with data Blu-ray Discs. Express Burn Free CD and DVD Burner has had 3 updates.

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Can I burn cds with this lg slim portable dvd writer??? - Learn about LG - Ultra Slim 8x Max. DVD Write Speed External USB DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive - Black with 0 Answers - Best Bu Optiarc DVD burner won't burn dvds in Win7 My dvd burner: Optiarc 7580s PC Acer 5515 laptop running windows 7 32-bit Ultimate Ever since I upgraded to win7, I can not burn DVDs. I can burn CDs fine and read cds and dvds. When I try to burn onto a new blank dvd using the default win7 dvd maker, it says it is formatting the dvd and it..

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  1. This program is able to burn CDs in all the versions of Mac and is able to burn many discs at a go. You can count on this tool when looking for a way to burn audios, images, or videos effectively. NT Dragon Burn is also compatible with USB 2.0 CD and DVD burner, making it an even more all-rounded tool for your CD burning tasks. iSkysoft DVD Creato
  2. The best DVD burner right now is: WinX Burner Master There's support for CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning, and it can be used to create everything from a standard data disc, audio CDs, video DVDs.
  3. DVD Writer/CD Writer drive features and tells you how to use the drive with the included software. DVD Writer/CD Writer Drive Features The DVD Writer/CD Writer is a multipurpose rewriteable drive that can read audio, data, and video files and can record, or write, in both CD and DVD formats. This DVD Writer/CD Writer drive enables you to
  4. CD and DVD burning programs allow you to burn and author CDs and DVDs for photos, music, games, movies and other types of files easily. There are many CD DVD burner for Windows and Mac that you can download for free on the internet. They are very easy to use and can handle basic tasks of writing or burning discs very easily

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  1. 4.9/5 (958 Views . 19 Votes) Method 1: Burn a data CD. Just place a blank CD-R into your burner and close the tray. Open File Explorer, and then check out the status of your CD burner — you should see an indication that a CD-R is inserted and how much space is free. Step 2: Decide which data files you can burn to the CD. Click to see full answer
  2. The Dragon Burn 4.5 from NTI corporation is another professional audio burner for Mac. The software can burn video, audio, and other files professionally or write DVDs and CDs from multiple or single sources without an issue on your Macintosh computer. Pros: Can burn all types of files format to CD or DVD
  3. Well in all fairness it does, at least all the 'normal' DVD writer functions work. You can play CD/DVD's you can record audio, data, video etc (burning software permitting) but you can not use the drive to burn LightScribe labels.
  4. Download . CD Writer is free for all users of dBpoweramp R13 or above (any version, free or registered). Please note limited support can be offered for CD Writer if there are incompatibilities with your CD/DVD/BluRay drive, CD Writer is now effectively unsupported
  5. Now insert a blank CD in your computer's CD-ROM for storing the songs. To add the files you want to burn, on the main interface of Winamp, go to View > Media Library and scroll down to the Media Library menu on the left and click on Blank Disc. You can then click Add on the bottom. As you'll see, you have three choices: Files, Folders.
  6. A DVD burner is a device used to encode or burn information onto a blank DVD. A DVD is a form of storage media, 12 cm (4.72 inches) or 8 cm (3.15 inches) across, that can typically hold 4.7 gigabytes (GB) of information
  7. True Burner is a free CD and DVD burning software that can turn videos into DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs. With an intuitive interface, it can give you a comfortable DVD burning process. It enables you to burn multisession and bootable DVD discs. What's more, it is able to check written files and disc for errors for you..

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08-21-2013 04:38 PM. Using the same system with a blue ray drive can I burn data files onto a DVD-R because when I drag files across I still cannot see them going onto ready to be burned. This topic has been archived. Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant The most supported tool for input formats for CD and DVD discs. It can burn best video DVD disc, audio CDs and Video HD, Blu-ray discs. It supports image queue and some layer break section operations. 2.CDBurnerXP. Price: Free CDBurnerXP is one of the best CD and DVD burner tools that can also burn Blu-ray, HD DVDs with ISO discs You can not share a CD burner like you would any other folder to be able to burn too -- sure you can share it as normal file share.. But its not going to be seen as a burner

CD/DVD burning from the command line for you pro's* Drive and media information utility included* Supports IDE/EIDE, USB, SCSI, and Fire Wire CD/DVD writers Overburn function Buffer underrun technology Burn-Proof DAO, SAO and TAO Writing methods support Support for CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD-RW / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM. Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft has included the ability to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs directly from Windows Explorer. So if your PC comes with a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc burner, you really don't need any third-party disc-burning software.. In this post, I'll walk you through the steps for burning a disc and the different options you have when burning That means it will burn slower than a drive that can burn dual-layer discs at 12x, which other models on the market can do. However, it can read DVDs at 16x and both read and write CDs at 48x

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Free CD DVD Burner is features in Audio CD burning with superb quality. You can have all your recordings and beloved songs burned with ease, creating a fully customized CD to play in standalone CD player or car stereo. You can edit CD text to burn Audio CD with detailed info of each track. Now create a CD from your audio collection to show your. Method 3: Using Windows Media Player. You can also burn your DVD by using Windows media player in Windows 10. 1. Insert CD/DVD in CD/DVD drive of your computer. 2.Open Windows media player. Select the Burn option in top right. If you don't see your Disc. Just click on the CD Drive option, it will show your disc

4.8/5. Buy OnAmazon. Pioneer BDR-XD07B Portable Burner & DVD Player - 6X Slim External BDXL, BD, DVD. One of the World's Smallest & Lightest Blu Ray Player - This BD/DVD/CD external optical drive & burner is one of the smallest & lightest in the world, supporting BDXL and M-Disc. The ultra-compact USB 3.0 Blu-ray player allows you to read. On the main program screen, go to the Data tab and select Burn disc.Note that the DVD burner is provided as a free downloadable add-on to the Video Suite pack. If you don't have the burner app installed, you'll be offered the opportunity to download and install it Fixed: bug in explorer and burning windows size and position changes. Position is automatically set only during the creation of a CD/DVD and can be manually adjusted afterwards; Fixed: bug with inability to burn files without extensions; Fixed: bug with not disappearing buttons for choosing the specific disk editor if there?s no affiliated window You'll see buttons for choosing either an Audio CD Burner or Video Disc Burner. Choose Audio CD Burner. The ability to burn DVDs is available by upgrading to RealPlayer Plus. Before you can burn a CD: • First, make sure your computer is connected to a drive that can record CD-R (Compact Disc-Record) or CD-RW (Compact Disc-ReWritable) discs 8.0. 8. Asus DRW-24B1ST-KIT 24x Internal DVD Burner + Nero 12 Essentials Burning Software +. By bestduplicator. 7.7. View Product. 7.7. 9. Roxio Toast 17 Titanium CD & DVD Burning Suite - Mac.

Although it can't create video DVDs, you can use it to burn files and folders to DVD, CD, and Blu-ray with ease. It's also approachable to rip audio CD to MP3, APE, FLAC, WMA files which can be played on portable devices. Creating ISO image from DVD/CD is its another function. This freeware DVD burner is designed for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows In Nero, when you start it, it starts with a Wizard, asking what type of disc you want to burn. in the Left Panel. on the top choose CD,DVD, Blu-Ray. Under that, choose Data, Audio etc. On the tabs to the top right choose Burn. Here you can choose the Write speed. CD's can burn at a maximum of 52X with the slowest being 16X General CD and DVD Burning Tips. CD's and DVD's come in two types: R and RW. While you can use either type of CD or DVD for any backup, each type has special purposes for which it is designed. In simplest terms: CD-R and DVD-R discs are primarily used to backup data or music a single time. For the most reliable data backup discs, use CD-R or DVD-R

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  1. Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burner 2 Screenshots. Burn CDs and DVDs with simple drag and drop burning. Access all the tools you need to burn, copy or convert your files in an easy to navigate user interface. Copy non-copyrighted discs, schedule long conversion projects to run overnight. Rip audio CDs or DVDs to digital files and save on PC or export to.
  2. 1. Download and run DVD/CD Creator. With the download button above, you can easily download and install this Spotify to CD burning software on your computer. It provides two versions for both Windows and Mac users. Ensure you download the right version. Insert a blank CD disk to the CD/DVD drive. 2. Download music from Spotif
  3. Burn, copy and rip - easily and free of charge! Ashampoo® Burning Studio FREE is your fast and hassle-free disc burner. Burning Studio is a feature-rich and dependable burning software with everything you need to burn and back up data, rip music discs, create audio discs or burn existing videos, like MP4 files, and photos to Blu-ray and much more
  4. Express Burn. Download the Express Burn if you want a CD burning software that is a fast, easy and user-friendly disc burner for Windows/Mac. Its features include audio CD burning and recording, Blu-ray burning video and DVD authoring, data DVD/CD/Blu-ray writing and so on. Express Burn makes use of ultra-fast burning speed, which is time-saving
  5. DVDStyler is a free open source DVD burner software for Windows. Using this software, you can write data to both CD and DVD drives, In the case of DVDs, it also lets you write data to different sizes of DVDs like 1.4 GB, 2.6 GB, 4.7 GB, 8.5 GB, etc. Although, the main advantage of this software is its ability to create a custom DVD interface.To create a custom interface, it offers two main.
  6. Active@ CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner Burn CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs with ease Active@ Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner is a dialog-style software to burn Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs. Command line parameters are supported to automate the data burning process. To simplify the data burning process - all parameters you entered are stored as user's settings

Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Burning a Data CD or DVD. Put the CD in the CD/DVD writer. Go to Start > All programs > Nero, then Nero StartSmart. Scroll over the icons on the top right of the program window, to find the Data icon. See Figure 1. Choose Make Data CD. This will launch Nero Express.See Figure 2 DVD Drives use 2 different Colour Lasers one to read/burn DVD's and one to read/burn CD's if one type of disc is left in the drive on a regular basis the LED that provides the Light Source for. Many computers come with a DVD or CD drive for creating recordable DVDs and CDs. Thanks to this drive, you can save data stored on your computer's or laptop's hard drive onto a removable media. A blank, recordable DVD or CD is a prerequisite for burning a DVD or CD in Windows 10. Next, insert into the appropriate drive on your computer Can A Virtual Dvd Burner Burn When Only Cd-wr Exists? - posted in All Other Applications: I just got a Panasonic DVD recorder (DMR-EZ47V), and found it has no instructions for hooking it up to the.

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Note: Windows Media Player 12 does not support burning of VCDs or DVD-Video (i.e. discs for video playback when inserted into a DVD player). In order to burn standalone video DVDs, you will have to purchase or download third-party software. With Windows Media Player 12, you can burn mixes or entire CDs onto a CD-R, CD-RW or DVD Multi-Session CD Burning. CD Burner Premium Features. CD Burner Preferences. Unable to use digital recording. RealPlayer freezes or hangs when you burn a CD. Crossfade songs when burning a CD. RealPlayer (RealTimes) will not crossfade certain files. Adding playlists to an MP3 CD in RealPlayer. Print jewel case insert Part 2. Best DVD Burner for Mac 1. Burn. Burn is open source DVD/CD burner software, it has gained wide reputation for doing basic burning tasks. You can even use Burn for Mac to copy DVD files (.dmg, iso, cue/bin, etc.). This DVD burner even supports authoring simple interactive DVD menu like commercial DVD movies Burning a CD/DVD Navigation: Syncing, Burning, Exporting, and Reporting > MediaMonkey allows you to Burn an Audio CD that can be read by any standard CD Player, or a Data CD/DVD or set of Data CD/DVDs that can be used to back up your collection or to play it on another player that supports MP3s or other digital audio formats

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The maximum speed you can select depends on the capacity of the CD/DVD burner of your PC and the capacity of the CD or DVD. 12. Click on the Next button. Microsoft Windows will now burn your photos to a CD or DVD. How to burn photos to a CD or DVD in Windows 10 using Windows Media Player. 1. Insert a blank CD into the CD/DVD burner drive of. Double-click on NoCDBurning and you can set the value to 1 to disable CD burning or set it to 0 to enable it. Log off the current user, then log back in. The ability to drag and drop files to the CD or DVD drive will be disabled as well as the ability to Format discs Freemake is the best disc burning software for windows 10 among all dvd burners. Using it immensely for getting free dvds and iso images. 5. Patrick Farnell | 18/01/2020. Never liked burning digital audio CDs, but eager to create free dvd discs with Freemake magic tool. 5

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How to Burn a CD/DVD You have a DVD/CD burner in your computer, but have no idea how to burn a DVD/CD, well here's how. It's usually pretty easy. Most CD writers come with some kind of DVD/CD writing software. Since this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, this is going to be a VERY basic lesson. It should help get you started though 1. Now just insert a CD/DVD to your computer drive. If Autoplay appears, please close it. Then launch Windows Media Player and click the Burn button. You will now be able to select the songs you want to burn to the CD. You can open the music folder on your computer and click and drag the songs you want to burn to the Burn List Although CDs and DVDs are a dying media in 2020 you can still easily burn a CD or DVD on Mac using iTunes. Whether you want to burn a CD to play in an old car stereo, burn an MP3 CD, burn photos to a CD on Mac or just burn some files onto DVD, it's extremely simple to do using iTunes Burning ISO images. The steps for burning ISO images is quite similar to the other processes. Depending upon the size of the .iso image file, you will either click Burn CD Image or Burn DVD Image. From the new window select the folder icon in the Image to Burn section (see Figure 3). Navigate to where the .iso image is located. Click OK Your CD or DVD burner may support a maximum speed of 4x, 8x, 16x or even more than that, but some CDs or DVDs won't burn using the maximum speed. This article explains why that is the case and what you can do to never make this happen again

Burn4Free DVD Burning is another free portable CD burner software for Windows. As its name suggests, it is can also be used to burn data to DVD drives. Using it, you can create standard data CDs, Video CDs, Video DVDs, etc. Before starting the CD burning process, you can specify the CD burning speed and erase the existing CD data in the case of a rewritable CD or DVD drive AnyBurn is a light weight but professional CD / DVD / Blu-ray burning software that everyone must have. It provides a free and complete solution for burning and disc imaging. It is completely free for both home and business use. Main Features: Burn all CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc image files. Backup or add files and folders to CD, DVD, or Bluray. DVD Power Burner. Free to try. Burn data, audios, videos, and images to CDs or DVDs. Windows. DVD Power Burner Buy a blank dual layer DVD that is compatible with your dual layer DVD burner. The types of discs available include DVD-R and DVD+R. Your DVD burner should be clearly marked to show which type of DVD it can burn, otherwise you should check the manual that came with the burner Totally Free Burner is a freeware for burning DVD's and CD's. It can also burn music CD from WAV, OGG, WMA and MP3 files. Totally Free Burner burns video CD and DVD using Mpeg1 files. It can also burn DVD or Data CD and multisession CD's. It is compatible with a wide variety of hardware such as SATA, 1391, USB, SCSI and IDE

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Burn Data to CD and DVD for Safekeeping. Free Burning Studio assists you to easily burn files and folders for saving and backing up onto various CD/DVD discs such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW. All types of files like image, text, audio, video, html, PDF, exe, etc. can be burned onto discs for data backup and distribution Now, the bundle of DVD Copy and DVD Ripper is on sale. You can get them both by saving up to $29.For more FAQs about DVD Ripper, go to its official website. 2.2 Free ISO Burner. Free ISO Burner is a 100% free Windows-based ISO burner for personal use, which can burn ISO file and CD/DVD image file to CD, DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray disc

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1. Insert a blank DVD. ISO files are disc image files. These are essentially exact copies of a disc, and burning them to a DVD will make the DVD act as if it was the source of the ISO. ISO files cannot be burned as data files if you want the disc to be a copy. Windows 7 has ISO-burning capabilities built-in i don't know honestly, i never used them to burn DVDs. my standard burn software are: infrarecorder. IMGburn by the way, your DVD burner/reader unit can be faulty, try the Joilet thing and let me know That should not be a problem (normally). Sometimes I hookup my old Freecom CD-burner and that one is still recognized by iTunes. If iTunes finds more than 1 burner, you can choose between them in Preferences>Advanced>Burning or Preferences>Burning if you're using iTunes 4.9 or lower. Have you tried a lens cleaner for your internal CD-drive

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Top 5 Free Audio DVD Burner. #1. CDBurnerXP. CD Burner XP is praised as one of the most reliable free disc burners on the web. Let's not be confused by its name, though - it burns CDs, DVDs, H-DVDs and BluRays (not only compact disks) and it also works in other operative systems than XP. Some people consider it as a free version of Nero. The Ultimate Disc Burning, Authoring & Backup Solution. Power2Go is a simple all-in-one solution for all your disc burning, movie disc authoring, media conversion and backup needs. With unparalleled support for a wide-range of disc & mobile formats, you can drag-n-drop files to instantly burn data or movies. Creating impressive DVD and Blu-ray. 1 Insert the Easy CD and DVD Burning inst allation disc into your disc drive. The setup program starts automatically, or you can double-click the setup.exe file on the disc. 2 Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. Once the installation process is complete, you can start Easy CD and DVD Burning by clicking the Easy CD and. True Burner is a CD and DVD burning software that can burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. This program is very compact and is based on BurnAware software. The program creates data, audio, and videos discs. The interface is rather intuitive and is easy to use. License: Freeware. Rating by Icecream Apps: 6/10