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  3. Bluestar Concrete Hairline Crack Filler is micron sized to penetrate and fill hairline cracks in concrete surfaces such as Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Steps, Garage and Basement Floors. This product is formulated to remain flexible, durable, and waterproof in hot and freezing temperatures
  4. Sto Flexible Crack Filler is an acrylic-based, non-sag crack filler for sealing and weatherproofing cracks. Use it to fill hairline cracks in vertical concrete, stucco or masonry block surfaces. Its convenient cartridge packaging provides a fast way to fill cracks, up to 1?8 inch (3.2 mm) wide
  5. The Top 7 Best Concrete Crack Fillers for 2021 are: Bluestar Flexible Concrete Crack Filler; EZR Hairline Crack Sealer; Red Devil Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch; PC-Concrete Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive Paste; DRYLOK Fast Plug Hydraulic Cement; Dalton Enterprises 35099 PLI-STIX; Damtite Concrete SuperPatc

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Ready to use flexible filler enriched with fibres - Interior and exterior use - Manual application.- Moves with the substrate- Will not crack- Adheres to pai.. concrete hairline crack filler. asphalt crack filler. concrete resurfacer. shop. video. contact. product data sheet. sds. more. engineered with smith-flex technology to remain flexible in hot & cold temperatures. concrete & asphalt crack filler . flexible - expands and contracts with cracks in concrete Ensure surface and crack are dry and free from dust. 1. Stir well. 2. Apply with small (13mm / 1/2 inch) paintbrush directly over cracks, working in with the bristles. 3. Alternatively, on flat surfaces, a flexible filling knife can be used to leave a smooth finish, taking care not to overfill. 4 A good paint option is Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh, which is specially formulated to cover hairline cracks. Just so, what is the best concrete crack filler? Best Fast Drying Crack Filler. Dap 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filler. PC-Concrete Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive Paste for Crack Repair. Bluestar Flexible Concrete Crack Filler

ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit is a commercial-grade, low viscosity, self-leveling, 100% solids, hybrid, two-component flexible epoxy. Used for strong lasting repair and filling of contraction control joints, saw cuts, spalling, mortar joints, and large stress cracks in poured concrete and concrete blocks Polycell Flexible Gap Polyfilla. This flexible filler achieves a white crack-free fill between two surfaces where movement can occur. Controlled application is ideal for long linear gaps. For flexible, crack-free filling between two surfaces where movement can occur. Easily controlled application for long linear gaps. For indoor and outdoor use Toupret Elafib Moving Crack Filler can be over painted with any flexible decorative coating system. Moves and flexes without cracking. Ready to use. Excellent adhesion. Can be rubbed down. Use with Toupret Ultra Fine Elastic Scrim for difficult cracks. Toupret are a french filler company who have invested heavily in research and development

I've found it extremely difficult sanding down filler and then painting for a perfect finish regardless of whether I use filler or caulk etc? P.S. I've got a hairline crack on 1 ceiling (might be wider than a hairline crack in fact) which keeps and reappearing even after applying filler/caulk several times - arghhhh Rated 1 out of 5 by Grindle from Not good filler - Decent caulk Bought this to fill some hairline cracks in some new plaster. While this filler is flexible it is much closer to a caulk than it is to filler and as such does not sand well at all. In fact when sanding down you may well end up peeling the filler out of the crack it was put in

Ronseal Smooth finish filler is a ready-mixed hole filler, specialized for thin holes and cracks. As the name indicates, it is a filler that can repair crack as thin as a hairline. This filler goes deep down up to 5mm in a single application. The product comes in a ready-mixed form and can be applied directly from the tub Made from acrylic latex. Check Price On Amazon. As the name shows, the White Lightning W13000010 is a wonderfully white acrylic latex caulk for your drywall cracks. The company offers 25 years of warranty, which shows its confidence in the product. The caulk is durable, smooth, and mildew-resistant

The most common use for flexible filler is between a flexible material such as wood and a non flexible material such as plaster or masonry. You will often find a crack between these two materials. Cutting the nozzle at an angle to allow filler out of tube. Filling the gap with decorators caulk. Smoothing caulke with wet rag and finger Caulking, either silicone or latex-based, is relatively easy to work into cracks, but must be forced into hairline cracks. Caulk won't penetrate very deeply into the crack, so it's more of a flexible cap than a flexible filler. Caulk can react with bare concrete, and over time it will degrade, especially in wet areas

Not a product to sand over, so avoid for large surface areas, but great for persistant hairline cracks. Date published: 2021-06-22 Rated 2 out of 5 by UKDiver from Can't paint over it Easy to apply and stays flexible so appears at first sight a good filler Bluestar Concrete Hairline Crack Filler is micron sized to penetrate and fill hairline cracks in concrete surfaces such as Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Steps, Garage and Basement Floors. This product is formulated to remain flexible, durable, and waterproof in hot and freezing temperatures. This product is formulated to flex with the expansion. 125 ft. Medium Gray Permanent Concrete Joint and Crack Filler Fill concrete cracks and joints without using Fill concrete cracks and joints without using a pro grade melter with the 125 ft. Medium Gray Crack-Stix Permanent Concrete Joint and Crack Filler. Originally used for federally specified highway jobs, this filler is an easy permanent solution for keeping concrete smooth Ronseal Smooth Finish Filler Hairline Crack 330g Small cracks seem to appear from nowhere. Our Hairline Crack Filler fixes them so that you'll be the only one who knows they were ever there. It fills cracks up to 5mm, so you can get them repaired with minimum hassle. It won't crack, so you won't have to do it again either

concrete hairline crack filler. asphalt crack filler. concrete resurfacer. shop. video. contact. product data sheet. sds. more. engineered with smith-flex technology to remain flexible in hot & cold temperatures engineered with smith-flex technology to remain flexible in hot & cold temperature WATERTITE® Flexible Primer and Finish is a moisture and mildew resistant coating designed to fill hairline cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces

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Sto Flexible Crack Filler 80214 Sto Flexible Crack Filler Technical Data Sto Flexible Crack Filler is an acrylic-based, non-sag crack filler for sealing and weatherproofing cracks. Use it to fill hairline cracks in vertical concrete, stucco or masonry block surfaces. Its convenient cartridge packaging provides a fast way to fill cracks MagicEzy Hairline Fix has a rubber-like flexibility that adjusts and strengthens with your boat, jet ski, yacht, and other water vehicles to help stop color stress cracks, crazing, and cracks from spreading. Easily mix & match colors easy next to the largest damage. For intuitive color match, check the MagicEzy color guide inside the pack I would fill the cracks with caulk as Thermo said to reduce the size and then try one of the flexible paints. btw, those flexible polycell paints can be overpainted but you may have to wait a while. Make sure you read the instructions about waiting times. I did this on a ceiling 4 or 5 years back and its still OK Most filler formulas can patch hairline cracks to larger cracks up to 1/2 inch wide, depending on the formula and application process used. These fillers are more flexible than asphalt and. Smooth Flexible Patching Compound. DAP Elastopatch Smooth Flexible Patching Compound is a high performance elastomeric spackling compound that eliminates reoccurring cracks by providing a permanently flexible fill. Excellent for use on smooth surfaces including masonry, brick, plaster, drywall or any surface requiring a permanently flexible seal

This is the first and foremost step in the repair of hairline cracks in the concrete. Inspection of the crack is done and if any oil or stains have penetrated the crack and have discoloured the concrete, the stains will have to be addressed before repairing the crack. 2. Selection of Sealant. The sealant is a filler material that is penetrated. To get rid of ceiling cracks for good, you need to fill them with a flexible material that will stretch when the walls move. After years of fixing the same drywall cracks over and over again, I finally found a product to eliminate those annoying cracks once and for all, Big Stretch Sealant What is needed is a way to actively push repair products into hairline cracks. With a few simple techniques and Easy Injection Mixers, Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender can do the job. That brings us to: Broken Rule Three: Crack injection requires pumps, ports, slow epoxy, and lots of time A repair in a hairline crack (or any crack for that matter) involves filling the crack with a material that will bond to the concrete, restore the appearance of the countertop and prevent the penetration of liquids that could stain the concrete. In addition, the ideal repair material is more flexible and as strong or stronger than the concrete. For hairline or very small cracks, you can use a vinyl concrete patching compound to fix the crack. You must apply this compound over the crack and then smoothen it using a trowel or putty knife. Usually, in the case of hairline cracks, applying the crack filler or caulk over the cracks is not effective. Over time, the caulk starts to peel off.

just because something is intended for a certain purpose does not mean you cant adapt it to do something else. caulk is good for cracks applied with a scraper. try to get it flat first time as you cannot sand it. if it is a really fine hairline crack like the type you can get in new plaster then a good emulsion will cover it. if it is worse a drastic solution is to have the walls reskimmed. For deeper hairline cracks, you may want to use a filler to fill up the cracks before applying a new layer of paint in the affected area. However, if an extensive area has been affected, you will need to scrape off the paint and then sand the entire area to even out the edges before applying a fresh coat of paint

Do the following steps to repair bigger cracks in your plaster wall. Using a masonry bit, drill 2.54 centimeter-holes about 1.5 inches from both sides of the crack's edges and 3 inches apart. Apply some adhesive along the holes using a caulk gun before removing any excess adhesive with a sponge Flexible Joint Fillers. MMA Flexible Joint Filler is a flexible methacrylate sealant that is extremely tough. It's hard enough to protect edges from heavy traffic and yet is able to retain a degree of flexibility, enabling it to last a long time. It has a high level of adhesion to concrete and is simple to clean, making it extremely hygienic

A smooth and flexible paint, that permanently covers cracks and stains. Ronseal Smooth Finish Filler Hairline Crack 330gFor larger holes in walls we recommend using our Multi Purpose Smooth Finish Filler.Won't shrink or crack.Fills cracks up to 5mm wide.Paint over in 1-2 hours.Comes in tubs or tubes No Nonsense Instant Plaster Filler White 310ml (72591) 199 of 213 ( 93%) reviewers would recommend this product. A non-shrinking, ultra-light, ready-mixed filler and spackling compound. Ideal for filling and repairing cracks and holes in walls and ceilings. Gives a smooth finish which dries fast and can usually be over painted with emulsion. Barb53 - 23 days ago. I bought this paint after I noticed cracks in both ceilings and walls in my bedroom. I applied a first coat, which was easy to apply. As a diy novice, I should have prepared the areas more, eg a thorough clean and sanding. I sanded the areas before applying the second coat. Needless to say, Polycell crack free ceiling.

Hairline crack in newly plastered ceiling. 16 December 2016 at 5:46PM edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. 6 replies 19.4K views He says he could fill it with flexible filler but realistically would probably have to repaint the whole ceiling and it could still reappear. My question is whether this is. Buy the selected items together. This item: Bluestar Flexible Concrete Crack Filler (LIGHT GRAY) $30.41. In stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon US. Bluestar Flexible Concrete Hairline Crack Filler (Light Gray) $20.77. In stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon US. (0.6cm , Gray) - Pre-Caulking Filler Rope (Backer Rod)-0.6cm X30m FILLER ROPE $77. Total Price: $68.47. Add all three to Cart. Buy the selected items together. This item: Bluestar Flexible Concrete Crack Filler (Gray) $24.37. In stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon US. Bluestar Flexible Concrete Hairline Crack Filler (Light Gray) $20.82. In stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon US To repair concrete, metal and wood, use Pro Fill multipurpose filler or hide imperfections and prevent hairline cracks with Basecoat 5L wall filler. For tradesmen and when covering larger areas, our Fill & Skim ready mixed filler is a lightweight plaster that covers over old textured surfaces and includes a smoothing blade

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Shove scrunched-up newspaper into deep cracks to give the filler a base to attach itself to. With larger holes, build up the filler layer upon layer, leaving each layer to dry before adding the next Elastomeric coatings have tremendous elongation characteristics, it will bridge and repair non-structural hairline cracks. This is especially useful with stucco that has developed numerous cracks. But wood surfaces, such as T-111 siding, can gain great benefits from its use

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Are you searching for a masonry filler that is 1) Effortless to mix 2) Easy to shape 3) Doesn't shrink or flash 4) Easy to sand, w ell your search is over. The best exterior filler for masonry is, Toupret Touprelith F Exterior Masonry Repair Filler. Available in 1.5kg box, 5kg bag, 15kg bag. Below I discuss why I recommend toupret and how to use it for best results Hairline cracks, like the small ones in my front door, can be filled with a wood putty or filler. All are sold in small quantities at home centers, hardware stores, and online. (Larger cracks are a lot more complicated, and I'd look elsewhere for a solution Render Crack Repair, How Do I Permanently Repair A Crack In A Rendered Wall? This is a Mechanical problem, and it needs a Mechanical solution. The simplest and least expensive one I know of is to parallel groove the crack with an angle grinder and a disc called a mortar rake, so it is much wider than the width of the original crack, such as a. Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings is a great way to restore cracked ceilings to a smooth, new-looking finish. Its flexible paint formulation uses Polyfilla technology to not only permanently cover cracks and stains, but prevent them from reappearing. Box Contains. 1 x PLCCFCSM25L Crack-Free Ceilings Smooth Matt 2.5 Litr SAKRETE Concrete Crack Filler is a pourable, flexible repair product designed to fill cracks in concrete to prevent water intrusion. Use the SAKRETE 1 Qt. Concrete Crack Filler to fill and seal cracks up to 1/2 in

Sto Flexible Crack Filler - 80214. Category. Rehabilitation of Precast Concrete - Maintenance of Precast Concrete - Maintenance (03 01 40.71) Description. An acrylic-based, non-sag crack filler for sealing and weatherproofing cracks. Use it to fill hairline cracks in vertical concrete, stucco or masonry block surfaces If you small cracks that aren't serious, you can generally repair these yourself without much trouble. Use a flexible filler (which you can purchase at your local hardware shop) and sand it down to a smooth finish once it's dry. There are different types of fillers on the market, but one-coat plaster is probably the best for DIY-ers Fill cracks in concrete to prevent water intrusion! Use SAKRETE Concrete Crack Filler, a pourable and flexible repair product. Available in 950 mL bottles. Go with SAKRETE, The Pro's Choice since 1936. Fill and seal cracks in concrete that are up to 1/2 an inch (13 mm) wide by 1/4 of an inch (6 mm) deep Fill with flexible decorator's filler/caulk. Fill with powder filler (the mix with water kind). Lining paper. Open out cracks using some sort of tool, then fill. From what I can tell, it seems the easiest and quickest way to remedy the situation would be to use a premixed filler As with Durabond, fill the crack by coming at it perpendicularly from each side to push the plaster into and under the crack. Scrape the excess off the surrounding area but leave it proud, or slightly bulged, on the surface. Use a damp sponge to wipe any excess plaster off the surface surrounding the crack

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If the crack has appeared due to movement, then it will reappear. How then do you permanently fix cracks in ceilings? The answer, Toupret Fibacryl Flexible Repair Filler. Using a filler that naturally moves with the ceiling is the key. Below I have detailed the steps on how to repair cracks in ceilings. Step Flexible filler also known as decorators caulk, comes in external and internal grades. Caulk is defined as making water or air-tight by filling or sealing. The purpose of using flexible filler is to fill and conceal any cracks or small gaps that might still have some movement in them or may increase with time Flexomeric FLEX-1150 is a dual component, low viscosity, high-quality crack repair resin. Flexomeric FLEX-1150 is designed for sealing dry and active water leaks in various cracks or joints in below-grade foundations and concrete structures. Intended Use: For hairline concrete wall cracks (less than 1/16 wide) Features and Benefits ES2000 CRACK FILLER CODE: RS301 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: CROSSCO ES2000 - CRACK FILLER is a white putty, ultra flexible, silicone modified acrylic to seal leaks and fill any surface cracks styrene. For interior or exterior use, designed to permanently seal any leak and bridge any crack

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Acrylic Crack Filler is a ready to use flexible crack filler recommended to be used on all common building surfaces. It is specially manufactured for the painter to repair and touch-up exterior and interior surfaces. It is designed for filling joints, hairline cracks etc. Unlike conventional fillers, Acrylic Crack Filler has elastic properties. If the cracks are hairline cracks, then you should use spackle to fill them. The spackle is flexible and will expand and contract with the crack. If the cracks are very large and deep, you will want to consider using a joint compound, instead of a spackle. You may have to apply more than one layer, and then sand it down for a smooth surface Wood filler or wood glue may work to fill the crack and would be better for exterior use. The glue is probably more flexible than the filler and may be better for filling the crack. I've used the wood filler before, but usually to fill nail holes or fill in small cracks. For a few bucks and some sanding, it may be worth a go round It is also possible to obtain very low viscosities for epoxy on-the-job in order to properly fill very fine hairline cracks. The Advantages of Polyurethane Crack Injection Arguably its most significant advantage, polyurethane can be used regardless of the condition of the crack and the weather Hairline cracks, stress cracks or spider cracks (star cracks) that occur in gelcoat surfaces on fiberglass boats or other water craft are often seen as a cosmetic issue. In most cases this is true, however it is important to seal them correctly otherwise water may penetrate into the fiberglass and cause more serious damage

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Crack flex sealant is a one part, polyurethane sealant for permanently repairing cracks in horizontal concrete surfaces. It can be used in cracks up to one inch wide. It provides long term durability. Its elastic technology formulation allows the sealant to remain flexible and move with the crack. Blends with concrete surface Now, there's two ways to fix this. One thing that you could do is you could caulk it with a latex paintable latex caulk. Because that'll . LESLIE: Which will flex with it. TOM: Yeah, it'll expand and contract with it. That's sort of the quick fix. You may still see it but it won't be nearly as obvious Pebbledash is not flexible and is prone to cracking. Once the cracks in the walls start to appear, they let water in, which then freezes and expands in the wall, pushing the coating of dash AWAY from the bricks underneath. This process gets worse and worse over time and can end up with chunks of wall actually falling off like the house we did. Acrylic Crack Filler is a ready to use flexible crack filler recommended to be used on all common building surfaces. It is specially manufactured for the painter to repair and touch-up exterior and interior surfaces. It is designed for filling joints, hairline cracks etc Upon pinpointing the location of the hairline crack along the PVC pipe, you need to sand that spot down. Sanding will clear the area with the hairline crack and make it easier to fix. Once you're done sanding, apply PVC glue to seal up the hairline crack and stop it from being a problem

Crackband is a fine membrane which is used in conjunction with paint to repair and hide hairline cracks in plastered walls. It is Profill is a multi-purpose ready mixed bonded interior and exterior filler used to repair holes, cracks, blemishes on floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. flexible water resistant and easily sanded Read more. Step 2. Break away any deteriorating concrete and remove loose material with a brush. Step 3. Cut the tip of the nozzle on an angle with a utility knife to match the width of the crack and load into a standard caulk gun. NOTE: for large cracks over 1/2 inch deep, a backer rod should be placed in the crack before applying the sealant Cracks: Epoxy or flexible polyurethane injection. To repair a crack embedded in the walls or foundations of your home, two products are very commonly used: flexible polyurethane and epoxy.During a repair, the technician either carries out their work with a flexible polyurethane injection or an epoxy injection into the crack to seal and waterproof the foundation Choose a paint that is elastic enuf to cover the cracks and if need be move the very small amount. Some products/paints have an amazing ability to cover fine cracks. This.. I had a 8 meter rendered retaining wall that had some hairline cracks, used the Dulux exterior paint and a fluffy roller, gave it 2 coats, no problem in 2 years

> ago and which had developed a network of hairline cracks. I filled in > the cracks using the blue hand-squeeze tubes of flexible pollyfilla, > dragging it along the cracks, smoothing into cracks with fingertip and > then wiping off excess. After painting, it looks excellent. > Paint might do the same job, but filling the cracks separately leave DIY Concrete Crack Repair Kits - (8-10 ft.) Product Information Page. Common Use: hairline cracks, poured concrete walls, leaking foundation cracks, mortar cracks in stone foundations, radon prevention The Ideal Repair Kit for Homeowners! - Our low-pressure, DIY Concrete Crack Injection Kits are designed for use for cracks in poured concrete walls Crack Repair Step 2: Fill the Crack. For cracks up to about 1/2″ wide, get a self-mixing tube of crack filler. These are great because they work without requiring you to mix batches of filler. My favorite small crack repair is RTG Concrete Crack Filler. It's reasonably priced and is the one I would choose for my own garage repairs Hairline cracks are anywhere from 1/16 of an inch to 1/8 of an inch wide (typically) and are easily and effectively repaired using caulking and paint, in most cases because it is the most economical approach for most people. Use the angle on the tip to your advantage, it will be easier to fill the crack this way

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In the late 80's this UK painter can remember transitioning over from polyfilla pushed into cracks around doors with bleeding fingers, over to a gun applied flexible filler that dried quickly, didn't crack and was paintable. Painters Mate was a revolutionary step in UK decorating. In 1992, I remember I saw paint crazing over acrylic caulk Luckily, Sika produce a wide range of fillers that can be used in everything from movement cracks, hairline cracks and large holes in your interior walls. We are going to give you a bit of advice here about how to do the job right the first time, every time, using Sika products for a baby-bum smooth finish

Fillers Small holes, hairline cracks and minor damage can be filled easily using a filler (Polyfilla being the most famous) which is put on with a filling knife or scraper Sandtex® Ready Mixed Masonry Filler. Download the pack details >. For fine cracks and holes. Easy to use and ideal for outdoor repairs to brick, render, stone and most other building materials prior to painting. • Easy to use Filling small cracks in concrete keeps them from turning into big holes. If you know how to fill small cracks in concrete, you'll restore your concrete to a smooth finish. This technique will work for cracks smaller than 3/8 inch wide in the sidewalk, driveway, garage floor, basement, or steps. For this project you'll need [ Sakrete Concrete Crack Filler is a ready to use, polymer based repair material designed to fill and seal cracks in concrete. Use to fill and seal cracks in concrete up to 1/2-in wide and 1/4-in deep. High-grade, pourable, polymer-blend material. Protects against water penetration and damaging freeze and thaw cycles

the cracks in the plasterboard is the slight movement in the timber as this sometimes will give you hairline cracks.and again where ceiling meets the wall. without looking at it i would say you have nothing to worry about. you could put coving up.this of course wont stop the cracks but will hide them.and give you a better corner on wall and. The company also offers low-viscosity crack filler that can be injected into both dry and damp cracks and a Seal & Peel crack repair kit. Polygem Epoxy pastes, resins, & grouts, POLYGEM, Inc. P.O. Box 609 West Chicago, IL 60186, Tel: 888-446-3987, Website: www.polygem.com Polyject #1001 LV for hairline to 1/16 cracks Concrete Joint & Crack Filler . Pourable, Flexible Hard Seal Yes, you can use Joint Guard™ to fill in crack's at a miniumum depth or width of 1/4. For thinner or hairline cracks, check out Garon Poxypaste™. How to Fix Cracked Walls Permanently. Whether found in drywall, plaster or concrete, a crack in a wall is an eyesore. Generally caused by the natural settling of a house over time, you can repair.

Fixing cracks in concrete countertops. The first thing to take note of when repairing hairline cracks in your concrete countertop is that any attempts to fix fractures must be done with great precision, otherwise the repairs may look obvious and be a waste of effort. Essentially, it begins with choosing the correct filler Dampen the surface with the help of brush or spray to the full depth of the opened crack. Make sure water reaches the far end of crack. The better you dampen the surface the more complete bond will form. 4. Fill the opening completely with patching material (putty) by using flexible putty knife Cracks which are referred to as 'hairline' cracks aren't typically a major issue. There are various causes such as 'blown plaster'. and it's easy to fix with flexible filler. If a crack appears in your chimney breast, then this is most likely to be something to do with the effect of the fire on the chimney which causes it to. When you're decorating, good preparation is the key to getting great results. Polycell has a wide range of products for filling different surfaces and preparing walls, so you can create the perfect foundation for painting.. Whether you're filling gaps along skirtings, doors and window frames, repairing damaged walls or filling hairline cracks, Polycell's famous Polyfilla comes in.

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5. Wipe or brush dust and dirt from cracks and small holes and apply ONETIME Lightweight Spackling with flexible putty knife or wall scraper. Dampen surface slightly to remove dust but allow time to dry before applying spackling. Take care to apply ONETIME with a knife that is wider than the area to be filled Wickes Flexible Gap Filler White 300ml (39) £3. £1.00 per 100ML. Polycell Polyfilla Multi-Purpose Powder Filler - 450g (59) £3.20 . Polycell Polyfilla Multi-Purpose Ready Mixed Filler - 1kg (80) £6.20 . Polycell Polyfilla Quick Drying Filler - 330g (56) £3.20 . Polycell Trade Polyfilla Easy Sand Interior Powder Filler - 2k The next step is to fill the cracks with either caulk or epoxy. You'll want to be sure to choose a filler that will perfectly match your travertine tile so the repair is seamless. Depending on what material you use to fill the cracks, you'll need to follow the manufacturer's instructions for preparation, whether it's mixing the epoxy or. To fill in cracks start by purchasing a filler compound that's the same color as the wood, so it blends in. Using your finger, push filler into the hole until it's slightly overflowing, then smooth it down with a putty knife. Once it's dry, which should take about 8 hours, sand down any excess filler using fine-grit sandpaper

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