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  3. Celestron - PowerSeeker Telescope Accessory Kit - Includes 2x 1.25 Kellner Eyepieces, 3 Colored Telescope Filters, and Cleaning Cloth - Telescope Eyepiece Kit for Beginners 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,284 Limited time dea
  4. Tasco 1.25 ZOOM Telescope ERECTING eyepiece 8 to 18mm with .965 Metal Adapter. $12.95

Novice 60X800 Telescope. Unidentified no longer, those flying objects can't escape the scrutiny of a Tasco® telescope! This optic is the affordable answer to your dreams of space travel. Its 300X maximum magnification is your gateway to exploring the night sky in detail. Model: 30060800 49-61 of 61 results for tasco telescope eyepieces Price and other details may vary based on size and color SVBONY SV171 Telescope Eyepiece, Zoom Eyepiece, 1.25 inch 8mm to 24mm Zoom FMC 7 Element 4 Group for Telescope Kellners that came with a Tasco and it is about twice as heavy as other .965 eyepieces and if you were to exclude Ortho's it would have to compare to ANY other .965 eyepiece in it's size range. It had to have come from a good supplier Page 1 of 2 - Tasco 6621 zoom eyepieces - posted in Classic Telescopes: I have questions about this item (picture attached), recently found in a grab bag that included a few other vintage Tasco items. its labeled zoom eyepices (yes, plural) but doesnt actually include even one eyepiece. As I hope the photos shows, it bears a circle Z mark that I associate with Tanzutsu

As a comparison, the star diagonal that came with my 1973 vintage Tasco telescope is of cast metal construction, has two metal set screws for securing eyepieces, uses a metal barrel, and has a glass prism (note that a mirror is fine if it is of high quality, however the prism acts as a seal to keep dust out of the telescope, an added plus) Welcome to Tasco where seeing is believing. Here you can find everything from our popular telescopes, riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, red dot sights, and golf laser rangefinders. No matter your outdoor passion, Tasco strives to balance quality and price so anyone can afford to see the beautiful moments in life

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  1. I have never owned a Tesco telescope, but I have heard that they are generally quite poor quality or have been in the past. When I was a kid in the late 80s they always had Tasco 2-inch refractors (always bright red) in catalogues and no other telescopes. I wanted a Tasco in around 1989-90 but it..
  2. I'm waiting on delivery of a Tasco Galaxsee 4.5 reflector, but am advised it only has one eyepiece with it, a 4mm. While waiting, I'd like to pick up an additional eyepiece or 2, but need to know what size. I dont' think the original owner knows for sure. # Tasco Galaxsee 500x 4.5 Reflector Telescope (T51240) # Optimum Magnification 250
  3. Tasco Galaxsee 46114375 telescope - reflector | 46114375. Post a comment. Eyepiece Focal Length 10 mm, 20 mm, 4 mm Physical Characteristics. Weight.
  4. ova telescope eyepiece Tasco 900x114mm Lu
  5. 1.25 9pcs Plossl Telescope Eyepiece Set Kits 4-40mm Multicoated Green Film Lens. C $129.72. Was: Previous Price. C $141.00. Buy It Now. +C $6.71 shipping

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Tasco 1.25 diameter ZOOM erect image eyepiece! Use this eyepiece in your telescope to zoom in or out of an object. Make any telescope into an erect image zoom spotter scope! Or Imagine yourself going on a trip to the moon, just gradually zoom in and you are on your way as the moon gets bigger and bigger! Lots of fun to use eyepiece (fig 5). We recommend the use of the low magnification eyepiece when the telescope is used for terrestrial viewing. Only refractor telescopes come with erector eyepieces. Reflectors (mirrors) are used mainly for astronomical purposes. The telescope is now fully assembled and ready for use. 7 60 mm aperture, silver metal case, Edmond Scientific 15mm eyepiece: Checked Out: Telescope: Refractor: Tasco: 60 mm STARGUIDE refractor, f/12, Focal Length 700mm, Single-arm, motorized Alt-Az mount with Go-To (Rebranded Celestron NexStar 60mm) 10 & 21 mm eyepiece - Donated to Wayne January 2010. Available - Needs Evaluation: Telescope. See original listing. Tasco telescope refractor eyepiece 851TR .965 90 degree prism diagonal CLEAN. Photos not available for this variation. Condition: Used. This diagonal is all original from Tasco with no repairs or modifications. Chrome barrel is in e.g. a 25mm eyepiece used on a telescope with a 1000mm focal length would yield a power of 40x (1000 / 25 = 40) and a 10mm eyepiece used on the same telescope would yield a power of 100x (1000 / 10 = 100). Remember, the longer the focal length of your eyepiece, the less its magnification, and the wider your field of view

Alt-azimuth mounts enable you to track celestial objects with ease, while slow motion controls allow precise adjustments. Includes deluxe eyepieces and image erecting eyepiece for terrestrial observations. Tasco 700x60mm Galaxsee Refractor Telescope TO-TS-46060525 Specifications Tasco 14x Erecting Eyepiece for Microscope T 18mm. £15.00. Free postage Current Price: $35.00Buy It Now Price: $50.00Bids: 0 Tasco 7x-12x35 Extra Wide Angle Zoom Binoculars AB22 393 At 7x At 1000YDS & Case. RARE Tasco

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  1. A basic overview of eyepieces for beginner telescopes. I cover the eyepieces that come with many beginner telescopes, details on the different types of eyepi..
  2. The specifications of a telescope are NOT the only specs that matter. The other half of the equation is the specifications of the eyepiece. Telescope eyepieces are made in different models and sizes to accommodate different observing methods and celestial objects. For example, understanding the focal length of your optical tube divided by the.
  3. um case. $109.99. Compare. Orion 8-24mm Pro Lanthanum Zoom Eyepiece
  4. Tasco IT 30 x 30 mm telescope red & black single draw vgc. £20.00. £3.20 postage. or Best Offer. TASCO, Mini Kent 4x30, Binoculars & Case. VGC. £7.50. £3.60 postage
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The name Tasco was adopted as the business expanded into binoculars and eyepieces. Today, Tasco offers telescopes and other optics such as spotting scopes and binoculars, as well as rifle sights and accessories. Recent innovations include the Snapshot Series of binoculars which can capture still images and record video through a USB cable. Eyepiece Set. 800mm Reflector Telescope. 675x114mm. The Tasco Luminova 40114675 Telescope Is A Light Weight And Easy To Use Unit That Helps You View Images Of Deep Space Clearly. The Presence Of A 1.25-inch Eyepiece And A Reflector Lens Helps To Deliver Excellent Images Of Celestial Bodies With Reduced Risk Of Strain On The Eyes. X 675 Tasco's Novice 60mm f/12 Refractor Telescope, as the name implies, is built as an entry-level scope to introduce young people to astronomy.This complete kit comes with the optical tube assembly, mount, and tripod with an array of accessories to get users observing quickly. Three eyepieces provide low, medium, and high magnification, and the Moon filter helps improve contrast on the lunar.

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  1. Tasco Telescope Accessories. This particular device of a telescope of Tasco make is today considered to be outdated, incase you have a liking for this particular brand of telescopes then by adding a few new age accessories to an old version Tasco telescope you could make it come alive and then there are favorable chances that this Tasco may be able to stand a chance against the modern telescopes
  2. . TascoFor this itemFor our purpose is to show you accurate information about the product. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we haven't checked it. Look at the stars with this Tasco 50x50mm refractor telescope
  3. eyepiece (fig 5). We recommend the use of the low magnification eyepiece when the telescope is used for terrestrial viewing. Only refractor telescopes come with erector eyepieces. Reflectors (mirrors) are used mainly for astronomical purposes. The telescope is now fully assembled and ready for use. 7
  4. I have an old Tasco telescope that's the same model (or very, very similar) to the one you had. I don't know when it was made, but a receipt for some eyepieces that was in with the accessories is dated 1974. I'll try to get it fixed up and get a reasonable eyepiece and a new spotter scope for it, and see how it performs

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  1. Orion telescope has good quality accessories for telescopes such as Tasco. My personal recommendation is to purchase their 25mm .965 eyepiece (cat no. 8130); this costs $29.95 plus S+H. If you wanted another eyepiece to get closer views of the Moon and planets, I would recommend Orion's 10mm .965 eyepiece (cat no. 8132), this is also $29.95.
  2. Vixen SLV 10 items. Vixen SSW 5 items. William Optics SWAN 5 items. Eyepiece Focal Length. 5mm and Under 42 items. 5.1mm - 10mm 88 items. 10.1mm - 15mm 68 items. 15.1mm - 20mm 67 items. 20.1mm - 30mm 62 items
  3. Tasco Galaxsee 46114500 telescope - reflector | 46114500. Post a comment. Eyepiece Focal Length 10 mm, 20 mm, 4 mm Dimensions & Weight. Weight.
  4. A 20 mm eyepiece on a 2000 mm telescope (2000/20) gives you 100 power (100x), this makes objects appear 100 times closer to you through the telescope than they appear to your unaided eye. Note: When using your telescope at different powers, you generally have a choice of a small, sharp, and bright image at lower magnification; or a larger, yet.
  5. I mostly use these now although I can still use the older 0.965 eyepieces. Interestingly, the hole under the original focuser was large enough to accomodate the larger focuser. Of course, some Tasco models come with a 1.25 focuser as standard now
  6. To make things worse, Tasco often supplies an SR4mm eyepiece with their telescopes. This is an eyepiece with a focal length of 4mm; it is a very poor choice for a beginner level telescope. It will provide magnification that is out of the useful range for the scope, and the eye relief of the eyepiece is so small that it will be difficult to.

Tasco Luminova 40060578 telescope - refractor | 40060578. Post a comment. Eyepiece Focal Length 12.5 mm, 25 mm, 4 mm Dimensions & Weight. Weight. TASCO telescope eyepiece motor focuser 1603EF remote focus control. In turn we will do the same for our buyers. In our ongoing effort to provide excellent products and a smooth convenient transaction, we are offering free shipping on returns. Feedback: we strive to earn positive 5 star feedback for all items My equipment, past, present and future. PAST TELESCOPES: TASCO 11TR, 1993-2010 My first big 'scope, the Tasco 11TR (the Bloody Red Baron). It was 114mm Netownian reflector on a equatorial mount with slow motion controls. It sported massive .965 eyepieces (standard for the day but now reserved for drugstore telescopes) and was just about th

Tasco Motorized Focuser 1603EF New Old Stock, no box This is a very nice motorized focuser for almost all tasco scopes and many other brands that have focusers for .965 eyepieces Eastcolight 23032 Galaxy Tracker Telescope for Beginners 50mm Astronomy Refractor with Tripod. $109.99. $109.99. List. price $130.00. $130.00. Shop Now. This smart design of the Luminova series telescopes is not only a testament to man's ingenuity, but also to your taste in telescopes. The Luminova's quality optics and slow motion controls.

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Tasco Galaxsee 114375. Optically it is an f500mm scope with a 4.5 (114mm) mirror, 3 eyepieces (MA 20mm, MA 10mm and SR 4mm and filters), 3 x Barlow, small Red Dot finder scope, Equatorial Mount, and comes with Tasco's SkyWatch software. Astronomy is about having fun, yet reading some forums, beginners may get the impression that you need a. The Tasco 70mm Spacestation Refractor AZ telescope is a good choice for beginners. It is suitable for both terrestrial and celestial applications. The telescope offers multi-coated glass optics to allow clear and crisp images. It can also be used for astrophotography with an appropriate T-Mount adapter More recent lightweight Tasco wooden tripod with eyepiece tray Original steel tripod legs No spreader or eyepiece tray, legs are rough but very useable, will extend, one is missing its rubber foot which looks like something from the bottom of a pair of crutches - a cheap fix 4 origional .965 eyepieces: SR4mm, H6mm, H9mm, H23m

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Setting Up Tasco Luminova Telescope - an Astronomy Net Eyepieces Forum message. Eyepieces Forum Message. Forums: The 2.5mm eyepiece will let you see almost the entire moon. Once you have found the moon and focused, you can change eyepieces and zoom in closer and closer. It is easier to start with less magnification and then increase Any telescope or binocular that you use for astronomy, no matter how humble it may be, deserves the best care you can give it including the cleaning of telescope optics.Much of the time you'll be using it right at the limit of its capabilities, and when you're trying to see very faint objects or fine detail, little things make a big difference

Tasco Telescope and Microscope Set. A terrific two-piece combo from Tasco for the explorer in the family. The land and sky telescope is ideal for entry-level surveying, with 2x finderscope and 35x land eyepiece. The 19-piece 900x microscope kit includes assorted examination and preparation tools, slides and sample specimens With an LED electronic red dot finderscope, 500mm focal length and 114mm objective mirror, the Spacestation 114ST is ideal for any astronomer.Specifications: - 114x 500mm Reflector ST- Mount: Single Fork Arm Altazimuth - Finderscope: Red Dot Starpointer- Focal Ratio: F/4.4 - Eyepieces: 25mm (20x)/10mm (50x)/4mm (125x)- Tripod: Adjustable Aluminum- Weight (lbs./kg): 22.5/10.2- Accessories. The Tasco 60mm Refractor Telescope with 1200X Microscope has been discontinued and we are out of stock. Here is a link to other nice telescopes under $100 in hopes you might find a great alternative. If you'd like some advice on choosing the best telescope to meet your needs, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-266-9590 or send an email.We are happy to help Find great deals on Tasco telescope accesories Binoculars & Telescopes, including discounts on the Vixen Lanthanum Wide 8 mm Eyepiece Tasco 46-060675 Owner's Manual . Download Owner's manual of Tasco 40-060675 Telescope for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Tasco 40-060675 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: 40-060675, 40-114675, 46-060675, 46-114375, 46-11450

Meticulously crafted to deliver the highest accuracy possible Packed with advanced features for superior performance. $116.67. Tasco® Spacestation™ 125x 114mm Black Reflector Telescope (49114500) 0. # mpn4483222058. Spacestation™ 125x 114mm Black Reflector Telescope (49114500) by Tasco®. With an LED electronic red dot finderscope, 500mm. The Tasco Luminova 40060675 is a 900mm focal length refractor telescope and is ideal for amateur astronomers that prefer an economical scope with the ability to track objects in the sky for long periods without losing them from view within the eyepiece Telescope Tasco - $99 (Nederland) Telescope Tasco. -. $99. (Nederland) Tasco Galaxy reflector on a new heavy vintage wood EQ mount. Tasco .965 6-18mm Zoom eyepiece (#6621) that gives an upright image for terrestrial viewing. Magnifications: 28x-84x, with the 20mm eyepiece, higher magnifications are possible with different eyepieces Looking for an advice video on How To Look Through A Telescope ? This helpful video explains exactly how it's done, and will help you get good at solar syste.. Tasco Telescope - C97 CS. This item is for collection, or we can offer Covid secure local delivery (prices vary dependant on location). Please note, if paying for delivery you will need to arrange this with the store directly (information can be found in the 2 nd image) and pay for delivery in store. We are also happy for you to use your own courier or alternatively, Shiply which is an eBay.

Tasco telescope. 58T (302058) new in original box with tripod and accessories despatched by royal mail 2nd class eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range of finance providers Each eyepiece in the Omni Series includes a black rubber eyecup. It can be left up or folded down for better observations while wearing eyeglasses. Models with a longer barrel (15mm, 32mm, 40mm) include a rubberized grip for non-slip handling during observing sessions. The insert barrel is threaded to accept 1.25 filters tasco telescope., good condition bought but never used, comes with everything in pictures, including box eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range of finance providers

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Page 2 of 2 - Upgrading a Tasco 33TR - posted in Classic Telescopes: You may be able to put a setting circle on your mount. Telescope warehouse has them for like $3. I have a couple I got from them. 4 diameter. If you need a pic, I could post it if you would like. Sure, show me a picture of it. I put a inclinometer on my Dob, to help me find objects, but the Tasco tube is plastic so it. Hand Controller for Tasco Starguide computerised telescope. Perfect condition, hardly used it before one of the telescope motors died, hence this sale. Some other bits for the motorised mount available, please ask if interested Binoculars & Telescopes > Telescope Parts & Accessories > Telescope Eyepieces & Lenses. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab It's aperture average scope, used as a loaner. Do measure if it takes 1.25 eyepieces, as there are not really any good older 0.965 eyepieces. There are sets for like $20 from China, but just the bad ones you get with cheap department store telescopes. Adapters exist but for reflectors, the back-focus is an issue Tasco Telescope Eyepiece Motor Focuser 1603EF Remote Focus Control New Old Stock. C $24.11. C $26.40 shipping. 86 sold

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Tasco provides free online instruction manuals for all of their products. Their telescopes come partially assembled. The tripod needs to be assembled, then the main body of the telescope attached to it. Once the main body of the telescope is on the tripod, the various accessories such as finderscopes and eyepieces need to be attached Up for sale is a Tasco 10TE. These were Tasco's top of line refractors back in the 60's and 70's. They are made of metal, no plastic and have very good optics. It is a 76mm, 1200mm focal length, refractor telescope.Tube has a few scratches but nothing major Matching Telescope and Eyepiece Brands. Don't limit yourself to a particular brand of eyepiece. Even if you have a Meade telescope, you can use Celestron eyepieces and visa versa. With only a rare exception, you can use any brand of eyepiece in your telescope as long as the barrel size of the eyepiece matches the barrel size of your focuser Saxon 1.25-inch Erecting Eyepiece 1.5x - Short Focal Point. OUR PRICE $34.95. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Celestron Luminos Eyepiece - 2-inch 23mm. OUR PRICE $549.95. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Sky-Watcher 5mm Long Eye Relief 1.25 Eyepiece 5mm. OUR PRICE $114.95. Out of stock Tasco Sales Australia (TSA) offer a wide range of telescopes and night spotting equipment, making it more exciting than ever to reach into the stars. To enhance your star gazing experience we also offer a wide range of telescope accessories

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yet own a telescope, the best recommendation is to avoid purchase a Tasco telescope! What's Wrong with Tasco Telescopes? Tasco telescopes were not always as poor as they are today. Back in the 60's and early 70's, Tasco actually marketed a decent product (excluding eyepieces). I have a Tasco 60mm refractor from 1973. It has Plössl eyepieces are probably the best value you can get in an inexpensive eyepiece. Avoid scopes that use 0.965″ eyepieces. Left to right: 0.965″, 1¼″, and 2″ eyepieces. Also beware of teeny-weeny eyepieces. Good eyepieces are either 1.25″ or 2″ format, meaning their barrels are meant to fit into 1.25″ or 2″ focusers Despite your reflector telescope's apparent complexity, it really consists of only three optical parts: the main mirror (often called the primary mirror), a small, flat mirror near the top of the tube (known as the diagonal or secondary mirror), and the magnifying eyepiece that you look into

Tasco Telescope Eyepiece Motor Focuser 1603EF Remote Focus Control New Old Stock. AU $27.82. AU $43.68 postage. 118 sold. MA 20mm Long Eye Relief Lens With Carrying Case. AU $13.35. AU $22.93 postage. Pentax T ring to adapt cameras to telescopes bayonet K RING Made by Tasco #6506. AU $7.27 1.5x Tasco Telescope .965 image Erecting eyepiece NEW! AU $3.81 + AU $3.88 shipping + AU $3.88 shipping + AU $3.88 shipping. Tasco 2.3x Barlow Lens for .965 Telescope. AU $10.28. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 1.25 Astronomical Telescope Plossl Eyepiece 4-30mm Fully Coated Eyepiece Lens Download Ebook Tasco 302048 User Guide Tasco eyepieces use minimal (if any) optical coatings. To top it off, many of the Tasco eyepiece bodies on the entry level scopes are now made almost completely of plastic. To make things worse, Tasco often supplies an SR4mm eyepiece with their telescopes. This is an eyepiece with a focal lengt Tasco Luminova 800x60mm - Telescope - The Luminova 60X800mm Refractor Telescope is a quality optic with slow-motion controls that allow for detailed viewing. It's everything you need to start unlocking the mysteries of space. Adjustable, lightweight aluminum tripod included. TRIPOD

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Features: 32mm Plossl telescope eyepiece multi-coated with interface 1.25/31.7mm. Support all types of telescopes, reflector and refractor. To observe the star clusters, moon, sky, planets and other celestial bodies. 52 Degree field of view, wide viewing field with extra sharpness and long eye relief Tasco Telescope Eyepiece Motor Focuser 1603EF Remote Focus Control New . C $24.09 + shipping . 1.25 Inch Telescope Eyepiece 7‑21mm Continuous Zoom Astronomical Telescope Lens. C $31.97. Free shipping . Telescope Camera CMOS 1.3MP Electronic Digital Eyepiece for 1.25 Telescope. C $40.13

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TASCO Spacestation 70x800mm Refractor AZ with Variable LED Red Dot Finderscope Telescope, Black, one Size (49070800). Eyepiece: 25mm (32X), 10mm (80X), 4mm (200X) Single Fork Arm Altazimuth Mount Red Dot Starpointer Finderscope Adjustable Aluminum tripod mor Tasco Luminova 578 POWER Refractor Telescope Model 40060578 60MM X 700MM 4.5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - Tasco Luminova 578 POWER Refractor Telescope Model 40060578 60MM X 700M

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Tasco Telescope Catalogue from the 1980s - The AstroVintage Tasco 10K - First Light: Sun in White Light and M27Celestron Skyris 132M Monochrome CCD Eyepiece Camera 95509Meade 16 Inch LX200-ACF f/10 Advanced Coma-Free Telescope
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