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Super-Angebote für Oil Of hier im Preisvergleich bei Preis.de! Oil Of zum kleinen Preis. In geprüften Shops bestellen Bring frischen Wind in deine Garderobe mit den neuesten Trends von you oil. Entdecke Fashion und Trends für jeden Anlass - passend zu deinem Style On top of using a wax warmer, you can find other ways to diffuse oils or spread the fragrance throughout the room. One way you can do this is to create a room spray. All you need is a glass bottle with a spray nozzle, distilled water, witch hazel or epsom salt, and the essential oil of your choice. All you have to do is mix 8 ounces of water.

Yes, it is possible to use essential oils in your wax warmer. This is the same idea as using a carrier oil in a reed diffuser. When it comes to Scentsy wax warmers, they say that their wax warmers are designed for wax melts specifically and that oil may discolor the dish you melt the wax in. Simply so, what can I put in my wax warmer Secondly, can you put Fabuloso in a wax warmer? Add fabuloso to your wax burner and it will have your house smelling great all day. And it even last longer and is a lot cheaper to use. Similarly, you may ask, can you use essential oils in a tart warmer? You can use any essential oil that you want in your tart warmer by Nathalie Allard August 12, 2019. The straight answer is Yes We Can put essential oil in a wax burner, however it is very important to follow some safety precautions. We love essential oils, and if you're like me, we can't live without them because their beautiful fragrance helps us to relax and they are part of our daily well-being routine If you want to the best of both worlds; using your wax warmer to melt your favorite fragrance oils, and being sure you're using your warmer how it was intended - you should try adding some wax chips. Wax chips are basically plain wax chips that you can place in your warmer, along with a few drops of oil, to create a wax melt. Pretty cool, eh You must dilute with some sort of oil. I love to use the coconut oil, because it most resembles wax to me. You can also use vegetable oil. Add enough oil to fill your candle warmer as normal and let the oil heat up or melt. Then for small warmers add 3-5 drops of essential oil. For larger warmers try 8-10 drops. You can always adjust and.

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  2. We started using Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. They seemed simple and made sense; just plug in wherever you need a light scent and, of course, there's so many scents from which to choose. We really enjoyed using them, that is, until we saw the damage that they can cause. Seeing this, I was crushed
  3. If you've spent a lot of a decent wax burner like a Scentsy warmer, check the manufacturer's guidelines about proper use. You'll likely find that using anything in your warmer other than wax melts voids your warranty. This might be fine if you've had it for years, but if your unit is still under warranty I would advise against doing it
  4. The use time of a wax melt varies based on its size and structure, as well as the warmer in use. Some may only last a few days for a short period each day, while others can last up to ten hours at a time or, when used daily, over a few weeks
  5. Originally recorded February 14, 2019.During yet another archaeological dig, this Bath & Body Works branded Wallflower scented oil warmer surfaced. Decide..
  6. Wax warmers have a very distinct advantage over oil warmers. Once you turn off the wax warmer, the wax will harden and become solid again. There's really nothing to clean up or worry about if you want to move the wax warmer to put it away. Oil warmers use essential oils diluted in either a carrier oil or water

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  1. You can also combine a few drops with coconut oil in a wax warmer and it works great! Angela B. Answered on Apr 8, 2017 Can you use for a wax warmer. You can but you need to add a little cocounut oil to it so it don't burn.. This is what i was told to do. Hope that helps
  2. If you want to try different fragrances in your home, you have different options: fragrance sachets for drawers, room scent aroma clay diffuser and scented wax warmer.Before we understand the first two ways, in this article we mainly discuss scented wax warmer and whether it is possible to use fragrance oils in wax warmer.. The Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil
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Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmers. Pros: Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmers are definitely affordable. You can buy an actual wall plug unit for about $3-4, which typically includes at least 1 or 2 of the scented inserts. Once you have the wall unit you can simply buy the refill packs, which for another $5 will get you 2 or more of the scented. Post by crispnclean onMay 14, 2015 at 7:54am. I like Scentsy. I think the Wallflowers stop smelling after a short time, just like any of the Glade plugins. The Scentsy smell is much more potent. I buy the knockoff Scentsy bars from Kroger, Meijer or the lady at the farmer's market and they work just as well

Wash the wick with warm water and squeeze out any access and blot with a paper towel. This will get any leftover residue left on the wick out. Fill the bulb with the 10 drops of your favorite essential oil of your choice then fill the rest of the way with water Well, these are the easy 3 steps in which you can use your Unstopables™ Wax Melts in a wax warmer. You can place them in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or in any other room. It will keep on adding a boom for hours and I bet your friends and relatives will going to be envy about it Using wallflower oil as home fragrance oil I popped open a wallflower tonight and put it on my oil warmer, just to see if it would work. To my surprise, just a few drops diluted with water completely filled the room Here is a link to the official statement from SC Johnson, the makers of Glade Plug-Ins, the warmers most often associated with this myth. According to them, the only one that were a fire hazard were some Extra-Outlet Scented Oil Warmers made in June 2002, and they've already been recalled (voluntarily, I might add) A diffuser requires water, which can occasionally do weird things to the scents. Also they are really hard to get completely clean. Wax warmers work beautifully, but if they get too hot the carrier oil can smell a little toasty. Although I use both, I definitely prefer my diffuser. Click to see full answer

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Wallflowers store scented oil in a bulb-shaped reservoir. When the Wallflower is plugged into an electrical outlet, the oil warms and the scent is released through the flower-like top of this air freshener. Wallflowers provide continuous fragrance as long as the oil lasts, but once the oil dries up, the scent stops Scentsy/Bath & Body Works Wallflower Hack (Use Body Spray!) 1. Find your partially-used body mists or sprays. 2. Pour into Scentsy wax warmer dish. For Wallflower: 1. Twist the empty glass fragrance bulb out of the plug-in. 2. Using a butter knife, pry open the plastic stopper from the fragrance bulb. The stopper holds an absorbent stick that draws the fragrance upward Take your plastic tip and wick you popped out and place it back in the bottle, giving it an extra push until it clicks in firmly. Swirl the bulb gently around to mix all the oils together. Twist into your wall plugin and you have a new wallflower! Note: Read instructions on original Wallflower packaging regarding fire safety before use

Dawhud Direct Mosaic Glass Plug-in Fragrance Wax Melt Warmers (Polychromatic) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 4,942. $14.99. $14. . 99. Featuring a mosaic glass design, this fragrance warmer can add an elegant touch to any room in the home. By combining soft light and relaxing scents, it can make your home feel more inviting Yes. Our fragrance oils are fine to use full strength in oil warmers although they may be a little strong! Our Reed Diffuser Base is a great carrier oil that will also help with better diffusion into the air. Mix no more than 0.25 ounces of fragrance into 0.75 ounces of the Reed Diffuser Base To use this with oils, just add some water to your melting dish and stir in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. When you turn the warmer on, your room will fill with the fragrance from the essential oil. Whether you use essential oil or wax melts, the warmer will fill your room with a relaxing fragrance Fragrance Oils for Warmers NG Island Fresh Type Fragrance Oil. Another great scent for warmers is one with a clean, fresh air aroma, such as NG Island Fresh Type Fragrance Oil. Besides, can you use fabric softener to make wax melts? Mix up just over 1/8 cup of the fabric softner with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and fill the rest of the bottle.

Can I use essential oils in my wax warmer

Using a wax warmer is now mess free with this one simple tip.Link to full post with still images: http://lifeshouldcostless.com/2017/06/wax-warmer-hack-will-.. Tip: You can also use a wax warmer or microwave to melt wax, however, a double boiler works better for larger batches. The freezing method. Sometimes you have a candleholder covered in old wax which makes it hard to remove. To easily remove old wax, place the entire item in the freezer for around an hour. The wax contracts as it freezes making it easier to pop out Step 3: Refill Bulb. Fill the empty bulb 1/3 of the way with the essential oil or essential oil blend. Fill the rest with water. (Notice how the oil floats along the top). Now, simply add the wick back onto the bulb and re-attach to your plug-in. Although oil and water don't mix, as the saying goes, just shake up the bulb before plugging it in The blog mentions if you use the Scentsy essential oils in the warmer it may not be a pleasant fragrance and may discolor the dish. Would you still have the same opinion in this situation: You keep the wax once the scent is gone then drop a couple of essential oil drops in the odorless wax Take your plastic tip and wick you popped out and place it back in the bottle, giving it an extra push until it clicks in firmly. Swirl the bulb gently around to mix all the oils together. Twist into your wall plugin and you have a new wallflower! Note: Read instructions on original Wallflower packaging regarding fire safety before use

You can use essential oils with wax warmers, but it requires that you mix coconut oil or some other similar substance to get the right consistency. This means that it's possible to use essential oils with wax warmers , but it will require you to do just a little extra work than what you would have to do if you were to use a diffuser You know, Vicks actually does make products for humidifiers for that purpose. Vicks Vapo Rub is supposed to be RUBBED, not used in a Warmer. Just like with Scentsy Products, our wax is not meant to be heated with a flame. Our Room Sprays are not meant to be used on Skin but our Lotions are. So, if you have 2 companies stating their product's. The problem with these other than the money, is a great deal of people have had house fires because of them. That's something that made me look into using scentsy or other wax warmers. If you have children you have to hide them because they are dangerous and can be poisonous if the oil is ingested

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In addition to candles, you can also use essential oils to add fragrance to your home. However, lemongrass is also great for a variety of things; of which you can put in a diffuser to reap the benefits. Not only that, but I am also a customer and use Wallflowers in my home. You can also try this diffuser with your favorite perfume. Some diffusers are designed for drops of pure oil put into. Use the funnel to pour the scented oil that is made for an oil warmer into the container. You can purchase scented oil in small and large bottles at most retail stores, in the craft department The Lesley warmer is made of heat-resistant and non-flammable materials such as ABS resin and metal parts. It has a large capacity pot that can melt up to 17 ounces of wax. You can use any wax that you have available with the Lansley machine - soft, hard, block, and anything in between There are also 2 in 1 warmers which feature a dish which you can heat up wax melts in but also, if you remove the dish, there is a plate candle warmer below that usually holds a relatively small jar candle. I've heard much less bad things about these types of warmers when compared to the basic plate warmers. They also look much nicer This wax burner potpourri uses a soft candle wax and uses an oil to create a gel consistency. Then, the recipe uses fragrance, mica. and bottles to finish off this great recipe. Now you can simply squeeze out some of this potpourri into your wax warmer and cut out all the worry about using soft soy wax

We're completely in love with fragrance — and how it makes life better. Share the Scentsy love with inspiring fragrances and new ways to show off your style. Our products are sold all over the world by the best people ever: Scentsy Consultants. (You can be one, if you want. Great for Wax Warmers. If you use a wax warmer, you can put the salts on there as well. The heat will break down some of the properties of the oils, but it's better than using synthetic candles or warmer tarts. If you love wax warmers, I have two recipes to make your own tarts if you haven't tried that! Coconut Oil Wax Melts; Soy Wax Melt

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I use them every single day without any issues. I am very picky with the warmers I purchase though. The Better Homes and Gardens brand of warmers are my favorite--especially for the money. Some brands sell warmers for $35-40 or more, but I don't think the quality is any better than what you would get with the BH&G line of warmers Below you will find a tutorial for coffee scented wax melts that use common pantry ingredients. Making your own wax melts not only saves money but they are often safer than store-bought. You have complete control over the ingredients, so you can avoid chemicals that you don't have unnecessary chemicals in your scented wax melts If, after they have set and you find that the smell isn't as strong as you'd like, you can re-melt the wax melts as explained in the instructions below then, once fully melted, remove from the heat and add more essential oil {be sure to stir them in well}. Beeswax. You can use a brick of beeswax or pastille beeswax for this recipe Wax Warmers. Wax Warmers provide the illusion that there is a candle in the room but is a safer choice than a real candle. You can benefit from wax warmers because you only turn on a switch to make the light heat up the wax and you do not have to worry about the smell of smoke from blowing out the candle. Wax warmers are available on any online. There are a number of things you can do to maximize the scent throw of your candles. Use the recommended percentage of fragrance oil for the type of wax you're using. For more information on recommended fragrance oil and wax combination click here. Be sure to weigh your fragrance oils on a scale, not measure in a cup or spoon

Wax warmers come in many shapes, sizes and form. Some require a candle and some are electric. I prefer flameless electric warms because they are easy to use and I do not have to worry about an open flame. Don't have a wax warmer? You can buy it on amazon, click here. If you already have one bring new life to it with these essential oil wax melts Wallflower Unit Holder / Scented Oil Diffuser/Warmer . You are Buying : 1 Wallflower Unit. You Will Get Exactly What You See On Picture Provided . Item Condition * * * * * * * * * * * * * * All items are New, Un-damaged & Un-used ( Including hand made items ) & In Factory Package. Food is always fresh, as we continuously receive new merchandis

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I typically use an essential oil diffuser to scent our home, but wax warmers just seem so cozy this time of year! While I love tealight oil warmers, you can let electric wax warmers run all day without risk of fire.. Instead of buying more wax tarts when I ran out, I decided to make my own. I'm not sure why I didn't add this DIY project to my list sooner, because it's way more affordable. You are Buying : 1 Wallflower Unit. Bath Body Works. 15% of Total Price. You Will Get Exactly What You See On Picture Provided. Item Condition. (tape, envelope, box, printer paper/ink, etc.).

Product Title Better Homes & Gardens Full Size Wax Warmer, Inspira Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 129 reviews 129 ratings Current Price $15.00 $ 15 . 0 You can use your old candles to create your own wax cubes to be used in these devices. Here is a great tutorial from A Day in My Life with a simple way to turn old candles into wax melt squares. Please note that if you do use a Scentsy warmer and melt any product other than a Scentsy bar in the warmer it can void your warranty

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Wallflower Holder Nightlight. You are Buying : 1 Wallflower Unit. Tropical Toucan. Bath Body Works. 15% of Total Price. You Will Get Exactly What You See On Picture Provided. Item Condition. (tape, envelope, box, printer paper/ink, etc.) Features. Pluggable fragrance wax warmers can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base, making them ideal above counter outlets in small rooms and spaces. These wax products are 100% paraffin wax, which holds more fragrance and lasts longer compared to scented gels, oils or sprays This is a beautiful sunflower wax burner. It would make a lovely spring/summer gift, especially for anyone who loves bright floral decor. Approx 5 inches tall Please do not immerse outside in water, wipe clean only ️Beautiful soy melts made by us can be bought in our shop to go with all ou Our rotating plug lets you use a vertical or horizontal outlet! Though thoroughly tested and completely safe to use, Wallflowers refills contain fragrance oils that may damage finished surfaces and some plastics, so always keep a 12-inch clearance above your plug to prevent damage to surrounding surfaces. If oil spills, be sure to wipe it up. 5. Apply oils to the wax warmers If there are any drips or stains in the wax warmer, you can remove them using mineral oil and a cloth. Be careful about the products you use though—as this article states, using solvents or acidic cleaners on the plastic parts of the warmer can damage the material and cause cracks or premature deterioration. 6

SCENTSY WARMERS & WAX. Your home is a picture of who you are. Make it unique with your perfect Scentsy Warmer. Modern, classic, nautical, rustic, feminine, vintage, artsy, athletic — our gorgeous warmer designs will help you express your style and fill your space with lasting fragrance using Scentsy Bar Wax chips can be picked up at pretty much any craft store that sells candle-making supplies. It makes cleanup much easier than if you use water because you can just put the cup/bowl/etc. in the freezer and pop the wax out when you want to change scents. If you use water, you can end up with a nasty goo that might make you just toss the whole.

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Wax melt warmers will also work for burning oils, and they use wattage about 20 to 25 watts. Wax starts to melt at above 100 degrees and a good low wax melting temperature is 110, depending on the wax because waxes melt at different temperatures..

Images: 6. Thanks: 134. Thanked 350 Times in 250 Posts. Re: Scented wax warmers?? If you use scented candles/scentsy's and say your birds haven't had any problems that is all well and good until your much loved bird is dead If you're impatient like me, you can carefully grab the dish from the warmer while the wax is melted and pour the wax into the garbage or an empty Scentsy clam shell. Please don't pour it in your drain because wax hardens in drains!!!! This method is best for warmers with dishes and is not recommended for any other type of warmer You have a choice of more than 130 different warmers and sizes. All specifically packaged with their own compatable wattage bulb which melts slowly based on that warmers capacity. Scentsy Scent Bars are food grade wax and are formaldehyde-free.They are non-combustibles and are the Safest product of this kind on the market today! With that, there is no comparison

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Electric simmer pots are used to fill the home with a pleasing aroma. They can be filled with scented wax, liquid potpourri or scented oil. These pots are easy to use and leave your home with a nice scent that lingers for hours. They are heated with a small light bulb that comes with the pot and are safe to use Make it! Weigh microwaveable soy wax for wax melts in a heatproof container with a pour spout. Weigh scent oil in a paper cup. Prepare the herbs in advance of using the microwave so you are ready to add them as soon as the wax has melted. Melt in 20-second intervals to be sure to melt as opposed to cook the wax

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While ceramic oil warmers may all be a single piece. You can find oil warmers at pretty much any store that sells lots of candles and other candle accessories. Add Some Oil To The Dish. Oil warmers are usually labeled to use melted wax, but I find that using oil is quicker, easier, and less likely to burn wax warmer - I bought this one on Amazon for less than $6 Hanging Tear Drop Oil Warmer (White) Equipment: Glass Measuring Cup to Melt Items in ; Microwave or Stovetop ; Measuring Spoons ; A Mold for the wax melts - if you don't have one you can use an ice cube tray. the first one in the photo (with hearts) was from a local dollar stor Step 1: Have Your Material Ready. The toughest part maybe finding the scented oil. The ones in the picture I got from the dollar store and they are the perfect size for the my refill at 10ml for each bottle. Once again, I caution you will need oil designed for oil warmer, don't mix them up with lamp oil and other type of oil you may find Melted wax can fill a room with fragrance in minutes, but the warmers typically require a little elbow grease as you must clean out the container before replacing the fragrance. Diffusers Another flameless option for intimate spaces like bathrooms, entryways, and laundry rooms is reed diffusers Wax Car Fresheners. Scented candles not only make your home smell good and fresh. You can also use leftover wax from scented candles as car fresheners. Put the leftover wax on a paper plate or baggie and cut into chunks. Use clean linen or unused socks as storage for the ax chunks. Tie into a knot and place it under the car seat

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To remove the halogen bulb from your wax warmer you will want to first unplug the cord from the electrical socket and then wait for the bulb to completely cool before removal. Once the bulb has cooled, grasp the bulb and gently push-in and turn counter clock-wise. You should feel the bulb pop loose and then should be able to wiggle it out from. One way to make your wax smell longer-take a knife and cut each cube into 3-5 pieces. Use one at a time and wipe out your warmer between. The oil only evaporates from the surface of the wax so if you use as little as possible you get more bang for your bucks. Also NEVER dilute your wax (add new wax to used wax) unless you want to waste it 3. It depends on the type of scented oil refill you purchased, for example, the 100% Natural Sanitizing Blend can evaporate within 2 weeks. Most natural scents last between 14-45 days. Most of our scents can last approximately 30-60 days when warmer is set to low fragrance control. 4 Similar to can you use leftover candle wax in a warmer, If you buy scented candles they will include a fantastic aroma and warmth on your house. You can get scented candles in several distinctive scents. Depending on the scent you chose for the residence it can smell of the gentle summer day or remind of the grandmothers apple pie

Place the jar with the wax and oil in the pan with the water, making sure that the water is not high enough to go into the jar. Stir occasionally until all the wax and oil is melted, and remove from heat. Be sure to protect your hands, because the jar will be hot! You can also melt the mixture in the microwave if you prefer Use only Glade PlugIns Scented Oil brand refills in PlugIns Scented Oil warmer units. Unit will not operate properly if positioned sideways or upside down. Use only properly functioning 120-volt electrical outlet. Do not place fragrance oil bottle or cap on painted, finished or plastic surfaces. Intended for adult use only

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I use the wax melts in a warmer, specifically the Scentsy brand, the wax never goes away just the scent, anytime the wax etc disappears that means it's going into the air you breath. Possibly causing health issues. I used to b a rep for this company but not now, although I still use this product because of this reason Wax Warmers selected Category: Wax Warmers Wax Melts 6-Packs Refine by Category: Wax Melts 6-Packs Tarts® Wax Melts Refine by Category: Tarts® Wax Melts Show More icon Show Less icon product-list-page-filter. Done (1) Showing 3 of 3 results. Belmont Collection. The combination of petroleum and mineral oil also softens the skin, which can also treat severe Arthritis. By using a Paraffin Wax Warmer, submerging feet or hands is a simple, quick treatment to gain some relief from poor circulation, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and pain. The warmer keeps the wax at the desired temperature to safely receive. Candice, did you use enough Christmas Tree? This recipe calls for about 80 drops. Also, wax melts don't tend to give off a powerful smell like a diffuser would and is really considered more of a type of passive diffusion. But if your wax melted then you should not need a different warmer

Finally, the perfect warmer for any wax melt. Its sleek, simple, elegant design looks good in any room and on any shelf. Just place this bad boy wherever you would have put a candle or essential oil diffuser, and start melting some wax. It'll clean away odors and leave your entire room smelling fresh-tastic. $10.49 MSRP. Febreze Wax Melts Warmer If you want to use candles, use a beeswax version and if you want a scent then put some fresh, wildcrafted 100% pure essential oils in an ultrasonic diffuser and your health with thank you. Even if your asthma isn't affected by these scented candles other parts of your body are (even if you can't feel it. Thanks for reaching out You may test melts with a 15 W electric warmer and have perfect scores across your hot throw scoreboard, but a customer using a 25 W warmer may get nothing from it because it burns too hot. Or, you might build a melt design that operates perfectly when the melt pool is especially hot, meaning your customer also needs a high-temp system to make.

Botanica Plug-in Scented Oil Starter Kit by Air Wick. 6. Electric Oil Warmer Burner Tart Plug-in Diffuser by Aroma Lamps. 5. Bath & Body Works White Flower Top Wallflower Plug-In Diffuser. 4. 3D Glass Plug-in Wax Melt Warmer by Calm Life. 3. Bath and Body Works Mermaid Nightlight Wallflower Fragrance Plug. 2 So, if you are using a wax melt that contains one or more of these ingredients, you might not want to use them around your dogs. However, there are types of naturally-made wax melts available in the market. These wax melts cost a little bit more expensive, but you can guarantee that it is safe for you and your dog We have some helpful tips so you can get the most out of your soy wax melts once you've finished warming them. 1. Make your own scented pouch. Scented pouches are a good way of keeping your draws, wardrobes and cupboards smelling fresh all year round. Using an envelope, old socks or even a handkerchief place the used wax melt inside and seal Different wax warmers will hold different amounts. For instance, a tart wax warmer is meant to hold a much larger piece of wax. If you want, you can set a silicone baking cup in the warmer first. That way, you can just pop the wax out of the baking cup when it solidifies. This also allows you to switch between scents easily You can buy beeswax for your candles in the form of a solid block or small pellets. Pellets are easier to use. You just measure how much you need and put it in the container with the coconut oil. The block is too solid and dense to use as is. It will take a long time to melt

Warm up any room with Yankee Candle's home fragrance oils. These concentrated fragrance oils are the purest, most concentrated form of Yankee Candle fragrance Add in coconut oil, beeswax, and 20-30 drops each of your desired oils. Melt beeswax and coconut oil until golden amber colored and no solids left. Turn off heat. 6. Using gloved hands, and safety glasses, carefully add the melted mixture to your silicone molds. 7. Allow to harden for a few hours Use Your Freezer. This may sound crazy at first, but using your freezer is one of the cleanest ways of removing used wax from your warmer. Simply place your warmer in the freezer for ten to twenty minutes. The wax will become solid and shrink in this time, popping out of your wax-melter. All you need to do then is wipe the dish clean with a. 5.2 x 5.2 Stoneware Iridescent Wax Warmer White - Opalhouse™. Opalhouse Only at. target. ¬. 3.4 out of 5 stars with 21 ratings. 21. $15.00 If anything, the opposite is true. Scentsy wax begins to melt at around 32 degrees Celcius and considering a candle flame can have temperatures upwards of 230 degrees, it makes sense as to why our wax does not perform optimally (if at all) in an oil burner and how dangerous it can be. If anything else, you are wasting your hard earned dollars. Next turn on your warmer, relax and enjoy! You can add more cubes as time goes on or can switch out to enjoy another scent. I personally prefer to change out the wax completely on Change Your Wax Wednesdays to get a new, fresh scent for the week! Scentsy does stamp the recommended cubes to use on their warmer dishes

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