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Speculative evolution is just that- speculative. So long as the concept is explained, all things are equally unlikely. Speculation as Scientific Art, not Artistic Science I think this is something that we speccers often forget- speculative evolution is art that's based in science- that is to say, it is not science Speculative Evolution. A forum for the discussion of speculative biology. FORUMS. DISCUSSIONS. MESSAGES. NOTIFICATIONS. Speculative Evolution > Speculative Biology > Alternative Evolution > A Scientific Fantasy > A Scientific Fantasy. 1114 posts Page 1 of 112 2014-11-04T02:05. A mining expedition in the Yunnan province of China accidentally unearths a hidden cave via blasting undiscovered by mankind. A group of miners ventures into the cave and they are astonished by the extent of it; the cavern leads deeper and deeper and after half an hour of walking there is still no end in sight with the tunnel.

A small civet descendant comes nearby and snatches meat from the killers. The desert-wanderer is forced to move on. This strange land is just one of the various places to visit in an Earth 75 million years hence. To the distant west, a kingdom of much bigger, fiercer beasts exists and is filled with creatures unlike any that were ever seen. The Speculative Evolution Forum 2. Well, most of you already know about what happened last week about the SE forum and its conversion to the tapatalks platform giving an end of the decade period of Zetaboard spec evo, and with it the displeasure of most of the members about the format which was complicated to navigate and unpleasant at the. Speculative Evolution Forum, A Decade of Wonders. By. Dragonthunders. 302 Favourites. 95 Comments. speculativeevolution speculativebiology. Speculative biology is simultaneously a science and form of art in which one speculates on the possibilities of life and evolution

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Speculative Evolution (also called Speculative Biology and Speculative Zoology) is the envisioning of fictional, but scientifically possible creatures that could have existed on an alternate Earth, or might actually exist somewhere on another planet or in the deep sea. 40.5k. lifeforms. 47 Transmitted via R5 astromech using Tapatalk Galactic Winter, Apr 12, 2019 #3. Warrior1256 and coachn like this. (Masonic and non-Masonic) who try to accredit the evolution of today's speculative Freemasonry to many different causes which are variously bizarre and/or ridiculous

Explore the Speculative Evolution Dragons collection - the favourite images chosen by Lediblock2 on DeviantArt 1 INTRODUCTION 2 HISTORY 3 BIOLOGY 3.1 Throat-Brooding Behavior 3.2 The Four Main Horn Arrangements in Saurolopes: 4 PALEOUNGULAPODOIDAE (Blowhards and oopas) 4.1 Cape Blowhard (Erythronasua srnkai) 4.2 Oopa (Cranitus cristatus) 5 AFROHADROSAURIDAE (Saurolopes, Endbeests, Lanceheads, Bowhorns and Angarangs) 5.1 AFROHADROSAURINAE 5.1.1 Dorkk (Antillosaurus agilis) 5.1.2 Halequin Duckbill (Genus. The central desert is a vast desert in the center of Novopangaea in 200 million AD, in The Future is Wild. Its surface is an inhospitable environment, but life has adapted to survive the extreme temperatures and lack of water. Imagine the deserts of the Quaternary period. The boundless continental deserts, such as the Gobi and the Kyzylkum in Asia, which are so distant from the sea that little. A shot-for-shot sweded recreation of the climactic scene from Jurassic World. The Owen and Claire are caught in a fight between the T-Rex and Indominus! Can.

Explore the Speculative Evolution collection - the favourite images chosen by SavaAlienFish on DeviantArt The Five Dread Gods. Typical ecological terms of diet such as herbivory and carnivory are largely without meaning on the corpse-isle of R'lyeh; conventional flora in the form of fungi and plant life are scarce, supplanted by photosynthetic sessile metazoans in a manner similar to undersea reefs, forests and prairies of crimson and violet flesh

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Spectember Epilogue. Now that Spectember has wrapped up, and I'm catching my breath before we return to the regular paleo-theming of this blog, a couple extra notes: Anyone who suggested a concept during the original submission period back in May, but didn't see it get used this month - don't worry! I got far more entries than I could. evolution and scientific inquiry which has made this a leading textbook for biology majors. The emphasis on the organising power of evolution is combined with an integration of the importance of cellular, molecular biology and genomics to offer a student friendly and current textbook. Biology-Raven 2005-03-01 Biology-Kenneth A. Mason 2013-01-0

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err,dinosaurs can survive in south america and later go to north america and some species can go to europe...presence of dinosaurs only at south america allows in early tetriary mammals to evolve to that,which are in our earth,but there will be many different species,and some completely new....werewolfes can evolve from baboon like primate,which became more carnivorous(but didnt change into. A mining expedition in the Yunnan province of China accidentally unearths a hidden cave via blasting undiscovered by mankind. A group of miners ventures into the cave and they are astonished by the extent of it; the cavern leads deeper and deeper and after half an hour of walking there is still no end in sight with the tunnel eventually leading them to a sheer cliff face plummeting into. Speculative Evolution Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. View Mobile Site.

yes that´s one of the things I definitely wanted to try in the nearby future. it was my kernel that firstly introduced it on the pixel 2 xl but memory managment on my unit is not as bad as I saw in some reviews/videos. Additionally I think the underlying cause, when Pixel 3 cannot hold more than 3 apps in background is a bit different than pixel 2 xl just having 4gb of ram

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(OC) Here's my take on a plausible herbivorous gryphon

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